History of Sunshine


Early European Settlement:

The Rise of Braybrook Junction:

The 'Bad Times':

The Federation years - new life:

my grandfather worked for H.V McKay as a blacksmith and built a house in Drummartin St as shown c 1925.

my uncle Cliff also worked at H.V.McKay's and is shown here seated in far left of the photo taken in the early 1920s.

another view of H.V.McKay's workshop in the early 1920's.

After the war, the roaring Twenties:

The Depression years of the Thirties:


The New Migration & Baby Boomer Years:


Christmas show at the ETA factory in Braybrook c 1962 - photograph by my father

The Seventies and Eighties:

The Nineties:

The New Millenium:

The following photos have been sent to me via email and thus I am unable to verify true source at present:

Sunshine railway accident April 20th 1908

Sunshine 1915

Sunshine 1936 - H.V.McKay collection

Sunshine August 1947 looking north from Sunshine Station with H.V.McKay factory at right rear - H.V.McKay Collection

Sunshine Auto ES Exchange apparatus

Sunshine signal box and gates.

Sunshine signal box and level crossing (later replaced by an road overpass) c1958 - the Sunshine Market is on the right where my father opened a stall selling confectionary and haberdashery in the early 1950's. The stall was sold by my mother c1980 when the opening of Highpoint Shopping Centre threatened to decimate local shopping.

Sunshine Station from the Signal Box c1958 - hmmm... is that James Dean??