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Here are examples which would be very hard to do with any digital camera other than the E330 or E3:

Head of a live dragonfly trying to get cobwebs off his feet while clinging to a ceiling light.

Oly E330 with OM 50mm macro lens F/22 and 2x teleconv. and Metz Flash, all hand held at ceiling level with focus and composition via the LCD live preview screen being tilted downwards.

PS used to adjust levels and USM applied.

same is shown from different angle and magnification below:

OK, so its just an ordinary housefly, but its alive and resting on pebbles of sand on my brick pavers in the shade, and promptly flew away after the flash went off.

Seems to have the same problems as the Canon dSLRs - dust on its sensors :)

The whole image is 6x12mm in life and was taken with the 50mm OM macro lens combined with the Teleplus MC7, both at full extension.

The front on the lens was about 6cm from the fly and the camera was handheld almost sitting on the pavers with the LCD screen flipped out to compose and adjust the distance to the fly for best focus.

This image was taken at f/5.6 hence the very shallow DOF and a Metz 45CL4 flash at full power about 45cm to the left, lying down on the pavers, so not fully directed at the fly.

No post-processing apart from resizing for web (ie. no cropping or sharpening)