Digital SLR Archive


5-6 megapixel SLRs:

Latest 6 megapixel SLR's:

Canon 300D Rebel Nikon D70 (2004)

D70s & D50 (2005)

Pentax *istDS (Sept 2004) Samsung GX-1S (2006) Olympus E-1
sensor size 15.1x22.7mm 3:2 1.6x crop 15.6x23.7mm 1.5x crop 15.7x23.5mm 1.5x crop 15.7x23.5mm 1.5x crop 4/3 13x17.3mm 4:3 2.0x crop
body plastic plastic / metal chasis magnesium, weatherproof
RAW + jpeg mode embedded jpeg yes no 12bit yes
burst mode 2.5fps x 4pics then 32s write 2.9fps x 4pics then 1fps until card full

2.5fps D50

2.8fps x8pics 2.8fps x8pics 3fps x 12pics then 33-64s write depending on CF speed
AF 7 point 5 point;

white AF assist;

D50 has improved motion AF;

11 point; flash assist 11 point; flash assist 3 point; AF assist
predictive AF Yes
start-up time 3sec 0.2sec 1.7sec
shutter lag / blackout 120msec / 150sec
RAW write time 4.5-5.5sec for 6.6Mb 2.2-4.5sec 5.4Mb (2.5-5sec for jpeg too 6.1Mb) 2.8-6sec 10.4Mb (4.9-8.9s for jpeg too 13.5Mb)
metering 35 zone; 9% centre spot 3D; 1% spot; (2.5% D50) 16segment; spot 1.8% spot;
white balance 3 levels D50: no WB tuning ext. sensor
LCD review max. zoom to check focus 10x 12x 4x
LCD review histogram yes yes yes
long exposure issues need hack for mirror lockup RAW mode not true RAW; no mirror lockup higher noise at high ISO than Canon
x-sync speed 1/200th; E-TTL; 1/500th; i-TTL; 1/180th; 1/180th; P-TTL 1/180th; 1/4000th in SuperFP mode;
pros: cheap, low noise great X-sync; good burst mode; great TTL flash & matrix metering. light; accepts range of Pentax lenses - some with adapters:

Schneider D-XENON Lens
Pentax KAF2, KAF, KA 
* K mount lenses 
* S mount lenses 
* 67/645 lenses 

large 2.5" LCD;

sensor cleaner, smaller, faster lenses possible; one of the few cameras with 100% frame coverage in viewfinder; weatherproof;
cons: plastic, cheaply made;  no 3200ISO w/o hack; 

10D issues such as poor AF, slow startup; USB1.1; embedded jpeg with RAW; TTL flash is complex to get good results.

lowest ISO is 200; moire issues; blooming; no wired remote control, only IR (except D70s); no mirror lock up (except D70s); no thrills; Pentax KA mount; no CF card;  no CF card; expensive, more noise at high ISO; no IS lenses yet; only 4x playback zoom; no flash; only 3 AF points;
weight w batt. 649g 679g (D50 50g less) 505g 505g 660g w/o batt
current price: NB. this is a cut-down version of the discontinued 10D (3.3fps x9 then 60sec write) NB. D70 is an improved version of the D100

see digital SLRs for differences b/n D70/D70s/D50

D40 is a compact, light version with 3pt AF

NB. this is an improved version of the *istD but now no mirror lockup, SD instead of CF card, 

newer DL2 version has minor upgrades to match the Samsung GX-1S

Similar features to the Pentax.

Samsung GX-1L is a cheaper version with limited features.

new model due 2007?