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super telephoto mirror lenses

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comparison of 500mm mirror lenses

model aperture diam length length incl. MFT adapter weight optics close focus front filter Infinity on Canon EOS
Olympus OM f/8 81mm 97mm 123mm 590g v. good 4m 72mm YES
Canon FD f/8 90mm 148mm 170mm 705g v.good 4m none NO
Nikkor N f/8 89mm 116mm 143mm 823g v. good 1.5m 82mm YES
Nikkor C f/8 93mm 142mm 169mm 1000g good 4m 88mm YES
Sony/Minolta f/8 89mm 118mm 142mm 665g v. good 4m 82mm NO
Tamron SP f/8 f/8 84mm 92mm mm 595g good? 1.7m 82mm YES
Samyang f/8 f/8 77mm 88mm 123mm 320g avg? 1.7m 72mm YES
Samyang f/6.3 f/6.3 119mm 98mm 133mm 705g avg? 2m 95mm YES
ProOptic Maksutov f/5.6 105mm 220mm 255mm 1220g good 1.5m slow but microtune none YES