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Olympus OM-D E-M1

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check out how good the IS and Color Creation control system is for doing B&W hand held videos as well as hand held 1.3sec flowing water stills!

check out the weatherproofing, and at last an intervalometer to 999 frames - but you may need the battery holder grip with it's AC adapter to run for very long periods

and check out how good the new focus peaking functionality is to help you quickly and accurately focus all those lovely manual focus and now also image stabilised lenses:

One of the highlights of the E-M1, is its beautiful large electronic viewfinder with minimal lag, 100% image coverage and beats most dSLR optical viewfinders, particularly in low light sich as composing star fields for astrophotography.

This image shows that the EVF is comparable in size to the Canon 1DX pro full frame dSLR optical viewfinder - it certainly is MUCH bigger and more useful in astrophotography than either the E-M5 or the Canon 1D Mark III pro 1.3x crop dSLR.

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specs based on past

firmware v4.0 additions (late Nov 2015)

new features 1st seen in the E-M1

features 1st seen on the E-P5 in addition to features of the E-M5

the features of the E-M5

astrophotography aides

potential issues

optional accessories