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feral cats in Australia

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  • cats were introduced to Australia by the Europeans in the late 18th century
  • there are now some 2-6 million feral cats covering 99% of Australia at an average density of one cat per 2km².
  • native wildlife have not evolved with cats and are not instinctively afraid of them or their smell
  • feral cats are responsible for the extinction of at least 20 species of native wildlife
  • according to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, these cats kill 2000 native animals every minute, or over 1 million birds and over 1 million reptiles EVERY DAY - including our snakes which are amongst the most venomous in the world!
  • they even search out bushfires and will roam 12km or more to a burnt out region where any surviving animals are 3x easier to kill due to loss of their usual protective scrub - in fact after a bushfire, surviving animals have a 20-fold increase in mortality due to predation 1)
  • feral cats will also roam to desert areas after rains as these periods result in increased animal numbers
  • the Australian Wildlife Conservancy has completed the world's longest cat-proof fence in 2018 - a 44km electrified fence to create a predator-free area of almost 9400 hectares some 350 kilometres northwest of Alice Springs
  • in 2018, the govt is planning to cull 2 million feral cats by 2020
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