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rechargeable headlamps for hiking


  • LED headlamps have changed the safety profile of outdoors activities and they are generally light, powerful and with good battery life of around 15hrs on a charge
  • aim for:
  • a beam distance of at least 80m (beam distance depends on the optical lens system which concentrates the light into a beam and the maximum output)
  • a maximum output of at least 200-300 lumens/m
    • 10-25 lumens for reading
    • 25-150 lumens is generally all that is needed for around the house, for hiking, backpacking, and camping
    • aim for 200+ if you need a navigational aid in complete darkness
    • aim for 250+ if you’ll be traveling at higher speeds, such as a night trail run or mountain bike ride
  • beam needs to be able to have a wide angle flood light for when working in close spaces
  • adjustable beam spot and ability to tilt the beam is essential
  • if you are wanting to conserve your night vision, a red mode is needed
  • hunters may want a blue mode to differentiate between green foliage and the blood of their wounded prey (most do not have a blue light mode)
  • most have a emergency strobe function
  • water resistance to at least IPX 4 or preferably IPX 6 - it is going to rain on your head!
    • IPX-4 Can handle splashing water (10-litre/min) from any angle – that’s most rainy conditions.
    • IPX-6 Protected against splashed and pressurised water from any angle from a 12.5mm nozzle at 100-litre/min.
    • IPX-7 Full immersion in one metre of water for up to 30min.
    • IPX-8 Full and continuous immersion, up to and within the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • light weight - under 200g, and preferably under 100g - if only front mounted unit, even a little extra weight can make it awkward on the head, especially if you run
  • lithium ion battery USB chargeable plus option to use regular AAA alkaline batteries
  • some have the battery mounted at the rear of head but this generally means more weight and bulk

LED Lenser SEO 7R

  • lightweight design - only 93g and 29mm diameter head
  • watersealed to IPX6 level
  • lithium polymer rechargeable 3.26Whr battery which lasts 5-20 hours depending on output
  • optionally can use 3x AAA batteries
  • USB chargeable via USB power packs
  • white light:
    • 20-220 l/m - Optisense technology (dimming function) for automatic adjustment to the lighting conditions.
    • range 40-130m
  • red light mainly for reading without affecting your night vision
  • Transportation Lock
  • RRP $AU185

LED Lenser MH6

  • presumably a much more affordable replacement for the SEO 7R - I just wish it wasn't all black!
  • lightweight design - only 93g and 29mm diameter head
  • 20-200 Lm
  • wide beam and spot beam (40m to 120m) - Advanced Focus System (AFS), Rapid Focus single handed
  • 5-20hr 3.26Wh 3.7V lithium polymer battery life depending upon output with low battery warning and charge indicator (optional 3xAAA batteries); USB chargeable via USB power packs
  • dimmable, tiltable
  • red reading light
  • Transportation Lock
  • IPX6 water resistance
  • Smart Light Technology
  • cons: all black - you won't find it in the dark when it is off!
  • $AU109

LED Lenser MH6

Petzl Reactik+

  • 115g, 300lumens, 110m,
  • lithium battery 2.5-17hrs
  • has a sensor which analyses the ambient light and adjusts the beam pattern and brightness accordingly (reactive lighting mode)
  • 3 different battery modes – Max Power, Standard and Max Autonomy
  • Bluetooth so can optionally control beam from smartphone app
  • travel lock feature
  • red light
  • requires adapter to use alkaline batteries
  • $AU149

Petzl Nao+

  • state of the art features and very expensive and heavier, great for runners
  • 185g, 700 lumens, 135m
  • rear-placed rechargeable Li ion battery - takes 6hrs to recharge
  • top strap for improved security when doing technical climbing
  • Bluetooth so can optionally control beam from smartphone app
  • $AU309

Black Diamond ReVolt

  • 97g, 300 l/m, 80m, 3x NiMH AAA rechargeable batteries (or alkaline)
  • three-level battery power indicator
  • one TriplePower LED, one DoublePower LED and one DoublePower Red LED
  • six different modes – proximity, distance, dimming, strobe, red and lock mode.
  • water- and dirt-resistant IPX4
  • $AU119
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