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NatureHike Sand Dune hot tent

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  • I don't sell any of these nor do I receive any remuneration if you buy them, and I have not personally reviewed all of them although I have purchased this tent, they are listed here to give you perspective


  • the Nature Hike Sand Dune 7.6 is a 2023 model “4 season” rectangular floor-less tent with a stove jack and 4 meshed doors plus a fabric inner tent


  • 3.2×2.4×1.8m tall; ~7.6 sq. m;
  • 4 meshed, fabric doors - front door can be set up as awning and optional TPU;
  • 2000mm 75D polyester and 150D 3000mm Oxford floor to inner tent
  • floorless tent with stove jack (located at rear, close to inner tent)
  • detachable 2P FABRIC 2.2×1.5×1.6m 2 dual mesh/fabric doors frameless inner tent with bathtub floor;
  • no fly;
  • 2 main poles ?11mm which pass through short sleeves on ceiling only, plus a short cross pole that clips on to ceiling
  • 2 ceiling vents
  • snow skirts
  • no vestibule for rear door which would need to be closed in rain when using the inner tent - so not so great for hot humid nights with thunderstorms
  • packs to 63x30x22cm; 7.5kg + 0.6kg per TPU door + 0.92kg for optional 3.15×2.35m footprint
  • for the TPU door ($AU62) and footprint ($AU67)


  • standing height for most
  • ability to add TPU door
  • awning door extends shelter space
  • stove jack seems to be in a usable position
  • 4 dual fabric/meshed doors makes for great versatility
  • inner tent seems nice and is all fabric so warmer for those cooler nights, yet could be ventilated well with mesh doors for warmer nights
  • can use without inner tent or provide your own 2P inner tent
  • not too heavy or bulky
  • easy to set up - no frustrating long sleeves


  • no ceiling fly to prevent ember melts from hot embers falling from the chimney melting the ceiling and causing issues with rain - ensure you chimney is very high and with spark arrester and avoid very hot fires - consider adding your own fly
  • rear door cannot be open in rain otherwise your inner tent will get wet
  • inner tent not as warm as a Vidalido Land Yu 2Persons TC Cotton S-T139 Tent - the inner tent is very tall with lots more air volume so your body heat will not be able to warm it up - but you can replace it with your own 2P tent
  • wind resistance may be an issue given its height and only 3 poles




Compared to the NatureHike Mastiff

  • Sand Dune:
    • has a fabric inner tent instead of a mesh tent making it 3kg heavier and warmer for winter but too warm for summer perhaps (can replace the inner with a cheap mesh mozzie tent to address this)
    • is taller and wider but not as long
    • has an extra meshed door
    • does not have the curved rear door pole making set up easier but may not be as wind resistant as a result
    • has a TPU door option

Compared to the Pomoly Leo 2

  • the Sand Dune is:
    • taller - you can stand up
    • much wider giving much more vestibule space an the ability to use your own inner tents such as the Vidalido Land Yu 2Persons TC Cotton S-T139 Tent
    • total area is 7.6sq compared with 5 sq.m
    • perhaps more wind proof as strong poles but given it is much taller the wind resistance may be similar
    • can add an optional TPU main door for wind protection whilst maintaining visibility - and this also acts to prevent rain ingress when using the door as an awning
    • much larger vestibule / stove area which allows space for small chair and small table as well as stove
    • easier to set up as the 3rd pole is clipped on above the other poles which is a major advantage over the Leo 2 which is a bit cumbersome which requires the 3 poles to be passed through their long sleeves prior to erecting
    • stove positioning allows more radiant heat to pass to you in the inner tent whilst still being relatively accessible from the inner tent
    • mesh doors to the vestibule for improved mosquito protection whilst in the vestibule
    • but lacks various advantages of the Leo 2 which has:
      • awesome dual doors for the inner tent for versatility in privacy / ventilation and temperature control (this can be addressed by the Vidalido Land Yu 2Persons TC Cotton S-T139 Tent )
      • perhaps better access to the stove door for stoking the fire
      • more compact footprint
      • almost half the weight
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