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better sleeping when camping - sleep naked or not?


  • the hiking world is divided on whether it is best to sleep naked or not when camping
  • Life is short, if sleeping naked makes you happier then sleep naked and don't let narrow minded people tell you otherwise

Pros of sleeping naked

  • don't need to carry extra weight of night clothes when hiking
  • don't need to sleep in dirty or wet hiking clothes that really need some airing
  • reduced skin pressure points from clothing creases and joins when lying on a firm “bed”
  • mental health self-care - better connection with nature on warmer nights - the sensual feel of a balmy breeze over your body while smelling the fresh clean air is something many people value highly
  • reduced sweatiness from overheating in a sleeping bag
    • this may reduce risk of groin chaffing, fungal skin issues, and painful scrotal varicoceles
  • more options for temperature control giving more comfortable sleep as long as you don't get too cold and shiver - you may need to layer up as the temperature drops overnight
  • your 100W body heat output can be used to warm the air inside the tent if ventilation is kept low and if not sleeping inside a sleeping bag.
    • Instead of all that heat being trapped in your sleeping bag giving you a hot body but very cold airways (you will need to lie on a thermal heated cushion if temperatures fall below 15degC otherwise you will shiver)
    • you can feel a bull ant crawling on you far earlier and you can take more gentle and guided actions to remove it without blindly getting it aggressive and stinging you

Cons of sleeping naked

  • if you have your vestibule door open overnight for that breeze and connection with nature, this can become a red flag to other campers to illegally invade your privacy and secretly watch you or film you as you sleep
    • there are those who wander camp sites at night just looking for such opportunities
    • there are those who will be opportunistic and curious with your non-sexual nudity
    • there may be those who don't understand your intent and wish to vilify you as a threat to confirm their fears you may be a sexual offender and these may go to great lengths to entrap you to prove their point - take great care when such people may be around for they are dangerous for their fears and self-righteousness can drive them to incite others to join them against you! This is especially the case when minors are nearby!
      • “The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some 'good cause' is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior 'righteous indignation' — this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.” Aldous Huxley, Chrome Yellow
      • you do need to ensure you are not breaking laws of indecent exposure in your country - generally in Australia, you would not be doing so if a person needs to use a torch to see you naked in your tent while you sleep, but nevertheless, one should take precautions to minimise the risk of people walking by seeing you naked by orientation of vestibule door, adding extra visual barriers (including to block passing lights from cars), ensuring you do not use lights inside your tent when people may be able to see you
  • your skin oils will build up on your quilt or sleeping bag - so you really should be using a sleeping bag liner to minimise this
  • you may still need to layer up if conditions get cold eg. ambient temperatures fall below 12-15degC
    • alternatively, a 12V thermal cushion under you and a quilt on top with warm socks will generally allow minimal layering for temperatures down to around 5degC as a thermal cushion plus a naked body in a thermally closed tent without ventilation will allow air temperatures to be 5-9degC warmer than outside temperatures
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