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sleeping mats for hiking


  • an appropriate sleeping pad is critical for a good night sleep, it should be:
    • warm enough to insulate you from the ground (check R factor - if on snow you will need a rating of 6-9)
    • wide enough so you can sleep comfortably on your slide without knees falling off, and your arms don't fall off when sleeping on your back
    • quiet enough so you don't wake everyone up every time you move
    • light enough to carry hiking
    • adequately durable to provide reliability (you should still bring repair tape!)

Mats to consider

  • Nemo Tensor
    • great all round performance, quiet,
  • Sea To Summit Etherlight XT
    • very comfortable, air sprung baffle system; nice double valve system with “air pump” stuff sack; 2 season “R3.2” but has insulation deficient spots at baffles and not as warm as Nemo Tensor or Thermarest Xlite;
    • bulky, heavy; surface has a rubbery feel which some may not like;
  • Thermarest Xlite
    • noisy; warm; heavy;
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