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in search of the perfect shelter for a 2P inner tent


  • for car camping for 1-2 people, one of the best shelters is a shelter which will fit a 2P inner tent nicely whilst giving lots of amenity, being relatively light, easy to set up, and weatherproof
  • this is a page dedicated to my search for the perfect shelter


  • should be under 15kg and pack relatively small
  • should be easy to set up and take down
  • should be tall enough to stand in
  • should have plenty of room for a 2P inner tent
  • should be weatherproof preferably 3000mm PU or more
  • should have lots of windows, doors and ventilation options
  • preferably should be able to be used as a gazebo as well
  • windows should have an internal blind that rolls closed from the bottom for maximum privacy and vision options
  • should be versatile
  • preferably should be freestanding
  • should be 3.5-5m long and/or wide (larger is getting too hard to pitch or find a suitable site as well as too hard to dry out)
  • should be able to use a wood stove inside comfortably and safely - hence the floor should be detachable
  • a clear TPU or PVC window or door is a bonus


freestanding tents

Price $AU size height weight fabric detachable floor clear TPU/PVC option stove jack gazebo mode other
Unlimited Works G5000 Tent $1080 delivered? 4.65×4.65m 2.2m 14.5kg 2000mm 40D ripstop silnylon opt. floor opt. door central No green version of Agora; sags when wet
Mobi Garden Guan Tu V (On The Road V) hot tent / gazebo $760 4×3.8m 15sqm 2.15m 13kg 3000mm 210T no no centre windows semi white, French windows, tunnel
Pomoly Dome x4 $1100? 3.5×3.05m 1.65m 6.4kg 3000mm 40D ripstop silnylon opt no middle of door no geodesic, khaki, opt. inner tent; can't stand up
Ben Nevis Observer shelter dome $1100+deliv 3.8×3.3m 1.97m 10.9kg 3000mm 210T ripstop yes windows and ceiling no no geodesic
Mobi Garden Commander 185 $1250 3.8×3.3m 9.3sqm 1.85m 11.4kg 2000mm 70D 230T silnylon yes 4000mm 150D no ? no geodesic, opt. vestibule, fly
MOBI Garden Royal Castle dome $1300 3.85×3.85m 2m 14.2kg 3000mm 150D Oxford opt. no no no white, geodesic
NatureHike Shepherd Dome medium $2000 4.1×4.1m 2.2m 17.6kg 75D ?opt no yes no geodesic, white, 4 door
Camvil Turtle Dome $910+deliv 4.25×4.25m 2.4m 16.3-18.5kg? 3000mm 70D ripstop ? windows, ceiling no no white, khaki, black, opt. vestibule, near Seoul
Mobi Garden Commander 245 $2080 5x5m 18.8sqm 2.5m 20.8kg 2000mm 70D 230T silnylon yes 4000mm 150D no yes no geodesic, opt. fly

non-freestanding tents

price $AU size height weight fabric detachable floor clear TPU/PVC option stove jack gazebo mode
Mceto 5m tipi $328 5m diam 2.4m 4kg 210T plaid 3000mm PU no no yes no tipi, most of heat goes to apex; minimal standing area
Homful $520 4.2x4m 2.15m 12kg 150D Oxford no? no no yes cabin-like, framed windows, 3 hooped, beige, large awning area
3F UL GEAR Hailuo Conch $740 3.8×3.5m 1.9m 7kg 5000mm 40D opt. opt. door centre leaves no room for tent semi opt. vestibule does not fit 2P tent well
Mobi Garden Pursuing Dreams 5.1x 3.3m 2 / 1.85m 14.4kg 3000mm 150D Oxford no but incl. inner tent no ? semi white, panoramic tunnel, but need to fully close bedroom door in rain
Oregonian Camper Tenter Ortus-T ?$3500 4.25×3.6m 2.15m 15kg 3000mm 70D ripstop silnylon yes? TPU large side windows no semi tunnel, 3 hoop
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