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large dome tents


  • these can often be used as a hot tent with a wooden stove
  • many have great 360deg visibility and ventilation thanks to large windows and multiple doorways, often supplemented with clear TPU material for extra warmth
  • some have geodesic frames for extra wind resistance

small 2P semi-geodesic with stove vestibule

Pomoly Leo 2

  • great 4 season severe weather hike tent for a small stove
  • 3.1m long x 1.8m/1.5m wide x 1.3m tall includes 1m long floorless vestibule for stove and wood;
  • 40D 3000mm PU ripstop silnylon outer with ceiling vents
  • removable 2.1m long x 1.65/1.3m wide full fabric inner tent has three No-See-Um mesh + fabric doors and 40D 3000mm PU ripstop silnylon bathtub floor which has buckles on each corner to attach to outer
  • 3 x 8mm alloy poles;
  • 3.8kg;
  • pros:
    • relatively light given its high degree of versatility - usual 2P hike tents only have doors and each with a small vestibule and no stove jack.
    • 4 outer doors each with zips that allow awning style opening or roll back or roll down opening
    • good value for money
    • relatively small footprint and freestanding design gives versatility on small sites where the larger tents will not fit, especially the tipis that require long guy outs
    • set up outer first so inner does not get wet in the rain
    • full fabric inner tent for warmth (apart from ceiling mesh for ventilation)
    • all inner tent doors are very large dual fabric and mesh for extreme versatility in ventilation, temperature control as well as great exit options in case of emergency
  • cons:
    • a bit heavy and bulky for hiking especially if also carrying a stove but in winter you could leave the inner tent behind
    • vestibule doors fold towards the stove end so less versatile for reducing wind chill into inner tent whilst allowing vestibule ventilation and access to stove however this can be partly resolved by siting of tent for the wind and closing the windward vestibule door
    • not wide enough to sleep side on to the stove
    • poles are passed through long sleeves and can be more difficult to set up and take down as a result - set up flat and must push all poles setting up or taking down
    • pole are only 8mm - perhaps 9.5mm would have been better as a true 4 season tent
    • waterhead rating only 2500mm overall despite fabric at 3000mm - not really enough for the floor - you might need a tarp under the floor!
    • the nice large area stove jack is only ~70cm height (can't use a Winnerwell pipe oven and the triple shield chimney will be too close to stove to be as effective safety measure)
    • unlike most hot tents with velcro removable stove jacks, this stove jack is sewn into tent so take care not to damage it!
    • stove is relatively close to tent fabric so great care is needed - you MUST guy out the chimney!
    • has tension web straps to allow it to freestand




large geodesic style

Sunny Feel Woolly Rhino Outdoor Camping Blackout Hemispherical Tent

  • 3.5x3m x 1.6m tall; no centre pole; 3 large doors with mesh door but bottoms are a trip hazard; ?3 elevated circular mesh windows;
  • 6 aluminium poles in geodesic pattern which insert through tunnels and end in total of 6 ground peg points;
  • 2000mm waterhead 210D Oxford fabric; partial fly to cover windows and ceiling only; 15 guy ropes and stakes;
  • comes with a floor that can be attached
  • 9.25kg packs to 55 x 20 x 20cm;


MOBI Garden Royal Castle

MOBI GARDEN Commander 70D Nylon Outdoor Camping Tent with stove jack


5m Vidalido geodesic

Pomoly Dome x4


Pomoly Dome x6

3-5m NatureHike Shepherd / Aries Dome tents

Mobi Garden Royal Castle 7m tent NX22661023

  • 7x7x3.1m high 34.65㎡; packs to 84x48x44cm; 5 doors, 7 windows; centre ceiling hub for poles; 6 ceiling vents; snow skirt; requires 3 people to erect;
  • 300D silver coated PU Polyester (Waterproof 3000mm) + clear PVC windows
  • 39.9kg opt. detachable floor

Nortent Gamme 4

  • geodesic 4 season design with 2 meshed doors for severe weather and heavy snow loads; Dyneema fabric on all reinforcements;
  • 3.15m diam x 1.6m high; 5.8kg;
  • Arctic version: 40D 3000mm ripstop silnylon 15kg tear strength; (opt. 40D 5000mm floor)
  • Extreme version: 40D 3000mm ripstop triple coated silicon silnylon 19kg tear strength; (opt. 70D 10,000mm floor)
  • NORTENT Gamme 4 $US1120 ($US1380 for Extreme version) excl. VAT w/o the inner tent $US190-270
  • also available:
    • Gamme 6 3.7m x 1.85m high 7.6kg $US1240 ($US1760 for Extreme version) excl. VAT
    • Gamme 6 PC polycotton 3.7m x 1.85m high; 13.5kg; $US1330 excl. VAT
    • Gamme 8 polycotton 4.3×2.16m; 15.4kg; $US1560 excl. VAT

Larger semi-geodesic tents

Thous Winds Outdoor Camping Dome Cancer TW-DM08 Tent


1953 Campers Khan Dirty Tank Tenker


Larger non-geodesic dome tents


  • 310*310*185cm; internal aluminium octagonal central hub design which is set up first with the floor then tent thrown over the top - best with 2 people to set up; rated at 8-10 force winds if guyed out;
  • 300D Oxford 2000-3000mm with snow skirt; 2 large tall doors; 4 triangular upper vents with mesh; no windows; no stove jack;
  • detachable 300D PU3000mm plaid Oxford floor;
  • 15kg; packs to 82x30x30cm;


Dokicamp Unlimited Works Hemispherical tent VAST-SK100

  • 3.9m diam x 2m tall octagonal; 68D honeycomb ripstop 2000mmPU silicone-processed nylon (no silicone layer)
  • 5 large doors and 3 half-height elevated windows (plus 4 ceiling) are dual layered fabric inner, mesh outer and all can be opened;
  • TPU ceiling canopy with stove jack which can be rotated to one of the 4 ceiling window positions; inner skirt;
  • 8x 11mm aluminium poles plus central hub with 8 poles - not sure how strong this design is though. No sleeves, all clip on;
  • 11.5kg packs to 75x30x30cm; khaki or green;
  • opt. TPU door $AU58 - if buying then get at least 3 so you can have 3 almost panorama doors

RCE Roticamp Zerost S2 Shelter Dome Tent (로티캠프 제로스트 S2)


HSY Hemispherical Camping Ball Top Tent

  • 3.9×3.9x2m; octagonal; no rear door
  • 1 pairs of doors with clear PVC and mesh + 6 mesh roll up windows;
  • ?2 x ceiling clear PVC panels which are covered by a matching fly with PVC panels;
  • 4 aluminium poles which cross over at the top and tied together
  • 210D Oxford 3000mmPU black coated fabric;
  • 13kg; packs to 78*26*26cm; opt. floor;

HSY ST-001 Dark Star Octagonal Dome Tent


no name Chinese 4.6m "spherical" dome tent with stove jack

  • 4.6m diam (incl. snow skirt) x 2.4m high (ext); almost 17sq.m;
  • octagonal but ceiling poles only use 5 poles through short sleeves to a central hub; no fly;
  • 3000mm 210T black glued or white fabric with snow skirt
  • 2 doors (at least one has large gussetted awning + 2 x 1.7m 16mm poles) + 3 windows (white version - these are “window-framed”)
  • stove jack at one of the windows
  • 2 large ceiling TPU panels
  • 13mm poles


Kazumi KZM VIVA DOME 3-4 person SHELTER Vivadom PLUS


Polaris D1 TPU dome tent

  • 4×3.9×2.05m; 3000mm WH; 13.8kg; 4 main poles pass through sleeves; inner skirt;
  • large ceiling windows have no mesh and can be fully opened or can be covered with the 150D 20000mm fly which has clear TPU panels
  • side windows have white mesh; doors do not have TPU or mesh;
  • optional 7.8kg detachable floor extra 120,000KRW;


Polaris D2 dome tent

  • 4.4×4.4×2.25m tall; hexagonal; 14.8kg; 150D Oxford 3000mm WH; 3 pole design; inner skirt;
  • mesh ceiling windows (some can be fully unzipped) get covered by the blockout 20000mm fly which unlike the D1 has no TPU panels
  • optional detachable floor;

Camvil Turtle Dome


Ben Nevis Observer shelter


The Camper Ignis


Minimal Works Mango Station Plus


Drasoul Dark Star SS-T77 Black Glue Ball tent


3Fulgear Three Peaks Out SnowHouse 190

  • $AU625-675 + $AU62 floor plus $AU129 shipping
  • 3.6m diam x 1.9m high; octagonal; front and rear meshed large D doors with 4 elevated side windows
  • 3000mm 210D; aluminium poles with centre hub; detachable floor overlaps snow skirt; high zip open stove jack needs shielded chimney;
  • partial top rain fly for central ceiling mesh which acts as vent
  • 11.2kg excl floor; packs to 70x30x30cm; beige and khaki or black;

3Fulgear Three Peaks Out SnowHouse 220

  • $AU929-1007 +$AU83 floor plus $AU129 shipping
  • 5.2m diam x 2.2m high; octagonal; front and rear doors with elevated side windows
  • 3000mm 210D; aluminium poles with centre hub; detachable floor overlaps snow skirt; high zip open stove jack needs shielded chimney;
  • partial top rain fly for central ceiling mesh which acts as vent
  • 14.6kg excl floor; packs to 78x36x36cm; beige and khaki or black;


NatureHike MG Fire Tent

  • 4m diam x 2.1m high; octagonal central hub design;
  • polyester cotton fabric;
  • 2 x clear TPU / PVC detachable door covers;
  • large windows but seem to be opened only from top and from bottom leaving middle part as fabric
  • large circular ceiling hole through which a chimney can pass - not sure how this bit works with the fly on with its clear TPU/PVC panel
  • 17kg packs to 75x40x30cm;


Two-layer thick walled tents


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