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bushwalks in Victoria's Mt Feathertop region

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  • How far can an older person hike with average ability and a 12-14kg backpack?
    • the rough rule of thumb is to plan to walk only 8-12 km per day of full pack carrying and count every 100m climbed or descended as an extra kilometre walked.
  • Camp amongst the snow gums rather than in the lower Mountain Ash areas - Mountain Ash are prone to falling unpredictably

Mt Feathertop

  • there is NO potable water so bring your own water sterilisation to avoid giardia
  • at 1922m altitude, it is only 64m from beating Victoria's tallest mountain, Mt Bogong
  • most hikers camp adjacent to Federation Hut which is some 1.5km from the peak, but which provides wood fire and composting toilet, although sleeping inside the hut is not permitted
  • the classic sunrise photo of Mount Feathertop is taken from Twin Knobs area along Razorback track so you need to wake early and do a hike from Fed Hut, then of course you can also walk to the peak (leave your backpack at the bottom though)
  • various walking routes:

Feathertop Circuit

  • Loch CarPark, Mt Loch, Machinery Spur, Blairs Hut, Diamantina Spur (VERY steep!), Feathertop, Razorback
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