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Wilsons Promontory National Park - "The Prom"


  • Wilsons Promontory is a wonderful, rather remote, protected southern coastal region in south Gippsland which abounds in native wildlife (especially kangaroos, wombats, coastal seabirds) with some of the most beautiful beaches you will walk on adjacent to forested mountains
  • day visitors must leave the park prior to sunset
  • all overnight visitors must pay a camping fee or book accommodation via the website
  • the Tidal River camp ground has excellent amenities and over 400 un-powered camp lots BUT:
    • these lots are likely to BOOKED OUT in peak periods such as school holidays and Easter - so you may need to book well in advance for these
    • there are many local wombats who will destroy your tent if the smell any food or perfumes inside - you have been warned!
    • Tidal River weather is more like Wonthaggi weather than “Wilsons Prom” weather as the latter reflects the much colder and windier weather station at the lighthouse which is on the southern tip.
  • there is another camp ground near the entrance at Stockyard camp ground but with minimal amenities (potentially no hot showers) but this is adjacent to the walk to The Big Drift sand dunes
  • there are overnight walk-in only camp grounds which again must be booked in advance


  • the park is one of the windiest areas in Victoria, and being one of the most southern parts of Victoria, it tends to get cooler temperatures (summer average high temperatures are around 20degC, with many days hitting 24-28degC) although record summer temperatures have been over 40degC
  • the sea moderates the lowest temperatures so average minimums in summer tend to be 14degC and 8degC in winter although record lows in winter do fall to just below 0degC
  • weather conditions can change quickly and showers and storms can impact your stay
  • the cool sea breezes on a sunny day make it very pleasant but remember in Spring and Summer the UV index is likely to be high so you need sun protection and plenty of water to drink
  • most of the rain falls over winter when it rains 19 days per month with a monthly average rainfall of 120mm
  • it still rains in Summer but only on 10 days per month with a monthly average rainfall of 50mm
  • Bushfires may impact the park
    • there is only one road in or out!
    • 13% of the park was burnt in 2005
    • 25,000 hectares burnt in 2009 after a lightning strike near Sealer's Cove and burned to within 1km of Tidal River camp ground
  • severe rain events leading to flooding may impact the park
    • Tidal River camp ground was flooded in March 2011 and the bridge over Darby River was cut requiring helicopter transport out

Getting there

  • distances to Tidal River camp ground:
    • at 225km from Melbourne, it usually takes about 3hrs drive outside of peak traffic times, one could add 40-60 minutes if in peak traffic times
    • it is 93km from the coastal beach holiday town of Inverloch and takes 1hr 20min via Fish Creek
    • it is 37km from the tiny “town” of Yanakie just before the entrance gates to the Prom and this part will take you 40min during daylight hours (max. speed limit is 80kph as risk of tourists and wildlife), and this road is NOT recommended after sunset due to the numerous wildlife that you run the risk of hitting or they running into your car - if you must travel after sunset, reduce speed to 60kph.
  • Tidal River camp ground is as far as the car can take you (apart from the drive up Mount Oberon)

Best beaches

  • NONE are surf patrolled beaches so take care
  • in Summer biting March flies can be a nuisance so bring an insect repellent or just kill them as they land on you

by car

by overnight hiking

  • see overnight hiking

short walks

Overnight hiking

  • these MUST be booked well in advance usually
  • BRING your own water, food, camp gear, etc
  • the most venomous snakes in the world can be found on these tracks, take care and take first aid and preferably a EPIRB

Southern circuit

  • the most popular overnight hikes which start from Mount Oberon carpark (“Telegraph Saddle”)
  • the full circuit takes 4-6 nights
  • A free shuttle bus operates between Tidal River and Telegraph Saddle during the summer and Easter school holidays and on weekends from November to April. Departure points include the Tidal River Visitor Centre carpark, the overnight hikers carpark (Tidal River) and Telegraph Saddle carpark.
  • Oberon Bay
  • Sealers Cove
  • Roaring Meg
  • Refuge Bay
  • Lighthouse

Northern circuit

more of my Prom pics

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