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Yea region camp grounds


  • Yea is a large regional town 1.5 hrs drive from Melbourne and is a gateway to many camp grounds as well as the winter snow fields of My Buller

Getting there

  • 3 main routes from Melbourne, all much the same duration of about 1.5hrs off peak from NW suburbs:
    • Hume Freeway:
      • option 1: turn near Broadford to go via the steep down hill section of Murchison Gap with lovely views but perhaps not the best for large caravans
      • option 2: turn near Tallarook
    • Whittlesea route via Kinglake West and Flowerdale
    • Yarra Glen route via Glenburn which is near the turn off to Murrindindi Scenic Reserve camping

Free or nearly free camp grounds

    • 28km 25min south of Yea to the 1st camp ground which is the only one with some phone reception, some gravel road depending on how far down the camp sites you wish to travel
    • 1.5hrs from NW suburbs, 37min to Yarra Glen; 1hr to Eltham; (off peak times)
    • 100 camp sites in 7 separate grounds, most are between a gravel road and a narrow deep stream (not suitable for swimming or boating)
    • very popular as close to Melbourne
    • need to give a $7/n per car donation fee online prior
    • no pets
  • Trawool Wildlife Reserve camp ground
    • 35km, 33min W of Yea, turn off near the Tallarook turn off on the Yea to Seymour road (Goulburn Valley Hwy)
    • subject to river flooding?
  • Flat Rock camp ground, Tallarook Forest
    • small camp ground;
    • 52km, 43min W of Yea - access via Hume Freeway
    • 52km, 40min south-east of Yea, via Alexandra
    • 21km, 17min W of Eildon township
    • can return to Melbourne via Marysville
    • camp sites between a gravel road and a stream (not suitable for boating)
    • closed in winter
  • Parks Vic Lake Eildon Nat Park main camp grounds
    • 48km, 41min via Alexandra
    • 16km, 21min N of Eildon township
    • on west shore of Lake Eildon;
    • bookings required; hot showers;
  • Parks Vic Cathedral Ranges camp grounds
    • Ned's Gully - 51km, 40min from Yea; 24km, 21min from Rubicon Kendalls
    • Cook's Mill is 3km further south
    • bookings; no showers; drop toilets;
  • Parks Vic Lake Eildon Jerusalem camps:
    • 65km, 54min to 1st one via Alexandra and Eildon
    • 30km, 30min from Rubicon Kendalls camp ground
    • bookings required; no showers; drop toilets;
  • Major Creek, Mitchellstown
    • 67km, 48min via Seymour
    • 67km, 53min via Yarck, or,
    • 80km, 57min via Seymour and Hume Fway
  • further away
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