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convict Richard "George" Ayton (1823-1886)

Richard "George" Ayton (1823-1886):

  • a convict from London who settled in Longford becoming a brewer and farmer and started a line of AYTON's in Tasmania who migrated to Victoria and WA after he married Margaret LOWE in 1851 in Launceston.
  • convicted with another man Richard Sullivan, for stealing a pocket handkerchief at Temple Bar and transported on the “Surrey” in 1842. Died in Longford. See here and here.
  • hope this page helps others researching this family. George AYTON's grave at Longford Pioneer Cemetery - photo taken by Peter Cubit

Court record in 1841, numbered 6412 as George Ayton at age 18yrs and sentenced to 10yrs: following is the opposite page of the above, George is line 2:

  • Offence:  “picked pockets of a Gent at Temple Bar”
  • Trade: butcher
  • Native Place: Boro, London
  • F. Christopher (ie. his father)
  • B. Wm, Christopher, Hy, Robt (ie. brothers William, Christopher, Henry, Robert) is another record of his sentence and here is noted his alleged accomplice Richard Sullivan aged 19yrs: is his prison record: is his marriage record to Margaret LOWE: below is his wife's death record:

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