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descendants of Robert AYTON and Harriett RUDD

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  • Robert AYTON (c1836-12/2/1894), son of Thomas AYTON and Mary HAMMOND, and cousin of my great grandfather, came to Australia as part of the assisted immigration scheme in 1857 arriving on the Southern Eagle.
  • Robert married Harriett RUDD (1843/4?-1925) in 1861 in Longford. She was born in Illington, Norfolk, England to parents John RUDD and Elizabeth CLARK. Immigrated to Tas. on the Whirlwind in 1855 (ref) / (ref2) / ref3

see also my pictorial ancestry tree

Descendants of William AYTON and Mary WACEY of Syderstone, Norfolk, England

showing only the Robert AYTON line expanded

see Aytons for a fully expanded descendant line

  • Jane AYTON (1/6/1777)
  • Cheary AYTON (4/3/1780)
  • William AYTON (30/3/1783)
  • John AYTON (10/7/1785) birth
    • m. Anne BARNES
    • William AYTON (1807-1887) labourer of Docking, Norfolk
    • Thomas AYTON (1808/10-1889) son of John and Anne
      • m. Mary HAMMOND (HOWMAN/HAUMOND) (1806-1871) in 1833 in Norfolk marriage cert
      • Robert AYTON / EIGHTON / EAGHTON *** (c1836-12/2/1894) emigrated to Australia in 1857 arriving on the Southern Eagle (ref). Seems he died of heart attack on a farm too.
        • m. Harriett / Harriott RUDD (1843/4?-1925) on 20/9/1861 in Longford, Tasmania. She was born in Illington, Norfolk, England to parents John RUDD and Elizabeth CLARK. Immigrated to Tas. on the Whirlwind in 1855 (ref) / (ref2) / ref3
        • Jane Elizabeth AYTON (1862-1921)
          • m. James Frederick ROOTES (1850 - 1925) in 1892
          • Susan Jane ROOTES (1893-1961)
            • m. William H LOCKETT (1893-1977)
          • John Henry ROOTES (1895-1917)
          • Emily Mary ROOTES (1896-1971)
            • m. Joe ALEXANDER (-1971)
          • Laura Anne ROOTES (1899-1959)
          • Robert James ROOTES (1905-1953)
            • m. 
            • Peggy Joan ROOTES (1929-)
            • Neil (adopted) ROOTES
        • Robert James AYTON (1864-1864)
        • Emma Caroline AYTON (1864-)
          • m. ? ADAMS
        • Herbert “George” AYTON (1868-1956) b. in Bishopsbourne; died in Ulverstone
          • m. Sarah Ann PEDDER (1877-1963) in 1904,  of Westbury, died in Ulverstone.
            • Sarah was daughter of James PEDDER and Mary Ann OAKLEY
              • siblings included Arthur (Arthur William Pedder), Minnie (Amanda Malvina Pedder) and Lizzie (Elizabeth Jane Pedder)
              • it appears James PEDDER was the illegitimate son of Margaret PEDDER (a convict on the Garland Grove transported in 1841) and John THOMSON, a convict constable
          • Herbert Arthur James AYTON (1904-1968)
            • m. Eunice Emily Amelia STUBBS (1913-1975)
            • Harold Charles AYTON (1936-)
              • m. Valda Noelene OLLINGTON (1935-)
          • James “Jim” Robert AYTON (1906-1975)
            • m. Dorothy RYAN
            • Mona Dorothy “Dot” Emma AYTON (1907-1944)
              • m. Harry T PURTON (1899-1980)
            • Mary Evelyn Hazel “Polly” AYTON (1908-1989)
              • m. Terrence “Jack” RYAN (1903-1990)
            • Maud Edith Joyce AYTON (1911-1995)
              • m. John G WESLEY (1910-1937)
              • Dale John WESLEY (1934-2002)
              • m. Richard “Dick” HARVEY (1891-1952)
            • Dulcie Harriett Myrtle AYTON (1913-1985) b. Penguin, d. Launceston;
              • m. Cecil Glen Porter ALLEN (1896-1966) in 1937
              • Eric Glen ALLEN (1938-2006)
              • 2 other children
            • George Henry Alfred “Dick” AYTON (1916-) b. 1916 Don, Tas; NOK Sara AYTON and Herbert AYTON; WWII service see here and here
              • m. Floris “Flo” MUIR (1918-1979)
              • Margaret AYTON (1949- twin)
              • Elizabeth AYTON (1949- twin)
              • 3 other children
            • Arthur Clement John AYTON (1920-1945) see here; d. 1945 from Beri Beri as POW in Borneo see here and at AWM
            • Kevin Rex AYTON (1924-)
              • m. Ruby MANEY in 1947
              • 2 children
        • Evelyn Mary AYTON (1870-)
          • m.  Frederick George JAGO on 18/9/1894 in Deloraine,Tasmania
          • Elder May JAGO (1894-)
          • Gordon Henry JAGO (1897-)
          • Frederick George JAGO (1899-)
        • Isabella "Isobel" AYTON (24/12/1872-3/12/1952) died in Waratah, Tasmania
          • m. Charles KEEGAN / KEAGAN / KEYGAN on 18 Feb 1891 in Deloraine
          • John Henry KEEGAN (1891-)
          • Robert KEEGAN(1893-)
          • William George KEEGAN (1896-)
          • Leonard KEEGAN (1897-)
          • Sylvester Guildford Junction KEEGAN (1898-)
          • Eric James KEEGAN
          • Gavin George KEEGAN
          • Leonard Douglas KEEGAN
          • Coral Evelyn KEEGAN
          • Pearl KEEGAN
          • Audrey KEEGAN
        • Ada May AYTON (1877-1877)
        • Ana Gertrude AYTON (1878-1955?)
          • m. ROLES
        • Elizabeth “Lizzie” Ellen AYTON (1882-)
          • m.  Charlie BAKES
          • Jessie BAKES
            • m. Albert WHITELY
      • Edward AYTON (1838-1913) son of Thomas and Mary, emigrated to Australia in 1862 arriving on the Solway and then Black Swan with his cousins Robert and Mary Ann. see birth certificate showing parents Thomas AYTON and Mary HAMMOND photo of his and his wife's grave in Carrick taken by Peter Cubit
    • Edward AYTON (1810-1875) son of John and Anne
    • John AYTON (1818-1851) son of John and Anne
  • Thomas AYTON (28/5/1788) birth son of William & Mary
  • Edward AYTON (24/8/1791) birth
  • Richard AYTON (29/11/1794-5/1/1795)
  • Mary AYTON (29/11/1794-28/12/1794)

*** there is some debate that the Robert AYTON who married Harriett RUDD may not be the son of Thomas AYTON who married Mary Hammond, but the available facts show:

  • Thomas AYTON's marriage certificate to Mary Haumond in 1833 was witnessed by Edward AYTON and what seems to be Sarah AYTON, and thus could have been Thomas' brother (Edward AYTON who later was convicted) and his wife Sarah RAMM.
  • marriage certificate of Edward AYTON (1810-1875) and Sarah RAM (1810-) in 1831 (see marriage cert) was witnessed by his brother Thomas AYTON and his fiancee Mary HAMMOND.
  • the conflicting information stems from a Thomas AYTON who married Mary HAMMOND and had a son Robert b1837. In the 1881 census of Yorkshire there is a Robert AYTON, his wife and father Thomas living in Sheffield. A Mary Hammond died in 1871 in Syderstone.

more photos

If anyone has more old photos of any of these people, I would love to see them, just email me.

Harriett RUDD's mother Elizabeth RUDD nee CLARKE (1818-1896)

Arthur Clement John AYTON (1920-1945)

George and Emily STONE, parents of Ruth (Mrs George MANEY), Kevin AYTON's in-laws - just had to put this one in !

North Motton State School, Tasmania, 1939

Sarah and George AYTON (I presume Herbert George)

James Robert AYTON (1906-1975) c1914?

Above is Herbert Arthur James AYTON (1904-1968) taken c1940

I presume the above photo of the Ayton sisters is c1930 and their brother Herbert George but he looks like he could be their father??

Brothers Arthur and Kevin AYTON in 1937

Arthur with his brothers on his way to WWII in 1942

Arthur with his sisters on his way to WWII in 1942

Dulcie Ayton, husband and children c1945


Above: Sarah and George AYTON with their daughter, Maud HARVEY in the centre.

The PEDDER sisters

Emma AYTON, now who is Baden?

Elizabeth AYTON

Flo is Dick Ayton's wife and Margaret and Elizabeth are Flo's twin daughters


Miscellaneous web references to Aytons in Australia:

  • ThHist y1985 v1 October p73 - review - The Alchemist of the Golden Dawn: The Letters of WA Ayton to FC Gardner 1886-1905 ed by Ellic Howe – Jean Overton Fuller
  • NB. this site seemingly erroneously indicates Thomas' parents as being Thomas (1788-) and not John and Ann, and further they do not have his son Robert as marrying Harriett RUDD.


  • the above photos and further details of the descendants of Robert and Harriett AYTON kindly provided by Nigel Allen and Kevin Ayton.
  • more details of family tree, kindly provided by Harold AYTON
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