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Bortolo Calsaferri and descendants


  • Bortolo CALSAFERRI (c 1860-1946) married Elizabeth RITCH (-1927), although it appears their marriage certificate in 1891 has her down as Elizabeth SYKES (perhaps she had married previously) 1)
  • Elizabeth RITCH was daughter of Mary BRAWN and William Daniel RITCH, and died in Essendon in 1927 2)
  • It seems Bortolo and Elizabeth started their family in Foster, Gippsland, Victoria then bought a farm in Hotspur in western Victoria and later moved to Moonee Ponds / Essendon some time before 1927.
  • Fred GLARE saved the lives of the CALSAFERRI family when a bushfire threatened their farm in Hotspur and Fred rescued them from their dam where they had taken refuge
  • Bortolo CALSAFERRI / FERRI died in 1946 in Moonee Ponds at age 86yrs.

Descendants of Bortolo CALSAFERRI married Elizabeth RICH / RITCH

  • Amelia CALSAFERRI / FERRI (1891-)
    • married William James HERON in 1912 3)
    • William Bortolo HERON (1913-) born in Loch
    • Kathleen Shelia HERON (1914-) born in Powlett River
    • Lorraine May HERON (1917-) born in Kensington
  • Antonio CALSAFERRI / aka “Bert” FERRI (1893-) born in Foster, Victoria 4)
    • m. Albena BLACKWOOD in 1920 in Hotspur
    • Australian WWI war service
    • William Victor CALSAFERRI who married Monica Vera Dawn MEAD in 1949 5)
    • Joy CALSAFERRI (c1921-1973) of Korumburra who married Reginald MAUNDER (1915-) in 1942 6) and died in Newtown; Reginald was born in 1915 in Stawell to George Herbert MAUNDER (c1889-1960 who was son of James MAUNDER (c1865-1940 of Devon, UK) and Elizabeth Harriett READING (c1866-1938) and brother of Cecil James MAUNDER (1906-1972) ) and Jessie NEWALL (c1887-1919, daughter of Charles NEWALL and Cath PATIENCE) 7)
    • Max CALSAFERRI who married Elizabeth Petrie MACKIE in 1952 8)
  • Alberto CALSAFERRI (1895-1896)

other Calsaferri records in Victoria

  • Andro CALSAFERRI (c1865-1952) died in Parkville, Victoria aged 87yrs, son of Abbott CALSAFERRI and Maria MANTA 9)
    • Andro, a single Italian labourer with no children from Genoa, having arrived in Australia in December 1899 on the S.S. Bremen and living in Swanston St, Melbourne applied to be naturalised in 1914 10)
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