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photos of my father and his life

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my father's house in Sunshine in the 1920's, which was later to become the house where I lived, albeit with a few modifications and the out house toilet demolished.
my father's Primary School photo in 1929 at Albion. That's him 3rd from left, middle row.
with the family dog, Nigger
with his parents
camping with the boys, probably near Gisborne
riding a Rudge Imperial
in army uniform in WWII
relaxing at home c. 1961 - one of the first photos taken with his new Yashica rangefinder on transparency film. apart from our wood-powered kitchen stove/oven, this was our only heater in the house - I spent many a night curled up in front of it. certainly no central heating and definitely no air conditioning .

And for the history buffs, my grandfather, Ernest Robert Ayton worked at the famous H.V.McKay factory in Sunshine as a blacksmith, here is another of his sons who also worked there, Cliff who is the far left in the middle row in this photo at the workshops in the 1920's (I think): 

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