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Australian history 1900-1925



  • 1901:
    • Commonwealth of Australia created “Federation”, Barton 1st PM
    • Immigration Restriction Act - must pass a dictation test ⇒ the “White Australia Policy” lasted until 1940.
    • Pacific Island Labourers Act - banned importation of islanders (Kanakas) that had been occurring since 1863, mainly for Qld sugar plantations as cheap, indentured labour. Repatriation of those in Aust. < 20yrs.
  • 1907:
    • a member of the world's oldest surf life saving club (Bondi Beach) uses the world-first surf-reel to drag out a 10 yr old boy named Charlie Smith who was successfully resuscitated and became Charles Kingsford Smith, the 1st man to fly across the Pacific in 1928.
  • 1910: escapologist, Harry Houdini flies 1st plane in Australia at Diggers Rest, north of Melbourne
  • 1912: mixed bathing on Melbourne beaches branded “the viper of promiscuous hoodlums” by a Presbyterian minister.
  • 1914:
    • 1st Coles store opened (Collingwood), with nothing costing more than a shilling;
    • “RACV” launches its first insurance scheme & a touring department managed by George Broadbent (of Broadbent maps fame) & in 1915 began a register of hotels for its members to visit whilst savouring the country air. In 1916 the Automobile Club of Victoria became the RACV after its contributions to ferrying soldiers from ships to hospitals.
  • 1915:
    • Aust. troops land at Gallipoli;
    • cars in Australia soared to 50,000 but only 1/10th the number of horse-drawn vehicles, the new cars had to contend with dusty roads with horse dung & broken glass, were advised to limit speeds to 20mph & the increasing noise pollution from weekend drivers resulted in conflicts as drivers were requested to drive slowly past churches & the need for repair shops & service stations to be open on the Sabbath caused concerns.
  • 1923: Vegemite 1st created & introduced in Aust;
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