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cross platform development using Delphi


  • Delphi now allows compiling your code into native code for Win32, Win64, MacOS, iOS and Android
  • to allow this you cannot use the VCL components in your application, nor Windows-specific code (eg. Windows API calls, assembly machine code, etc) and instead just use the Firemonkey (FMX) platform and the Runtime library (RTL)

options for installing Delphi

traditional install

  • install Delphi on Windows machine
  • have a Mac machine on the network for testing and debugging (eg. a Mac Mini)
  • have an Android device to connect to for debugging on Android (users report dissatisfaction with the Android emulator in Delphi XE6, thus better to debug on a physical device)

Windows virtual machine approach

  • install Delphi in a virtual machine environment:
    • could be on a Windows machine, Linux machine or on a Mac
    • more complicated setup
    • allows easier backup
    • allows different version Windows OS to allow testing on each version
    • may require a licence for Windows version and for Delphi and 3rd party components with each virtual machine
  • virtual Windows on Mac:
    • Macs are a great Windows machines:
      • run Windows in VMWare Fusion VM
      • need to get used to different keystroke combinations involving the Cmd key while in Windows which can be an issue when using the Delphi IDE in particular
      • can manage most most keystroke issues using the key remapping options provided by VMWare Fusion
  • virtual Windows on Windows machine or Linux machine

Mac OS in a virtual machine

  • may not be legal in Apple licensing but it is possible

remote debugging

design issues

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