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digital audio workspaces (DAWs) / VST synths



  • Cubase Elements
    • 64bit engine (hence does not support 32bit plugins!), 192kHz audio
    • 64 Midi tracks, 48 audio tracks, 24 VST instrument tracks, 3 VST instruments (HALion Sonic SE 3 basic set, Groove Agent SE 5, Prologue), >1000 instrument sounds,
    • 46 audio effect plugins, 24 physical in-out, 16 group channels, 8 FX send-receive; 16 rack instruments;
    • BUT NO: VST MIDI effect channels, MIDI plug-in insert slots & sends, Audio Warp Quantize, Comping
    • $US149
  • Cubase Artist
    • allows much more tracks, I/O, group channels than Elements and 64 receive channels
    • 18 VST MIDI effect channels; 4 MIDI plug-in insert slots & sends;
    • additional 7 VST instruments (Retrologue 2, Padshop 2, Spector, Mystic, LoopMash 2.0, Trip for HALion Sonic SE and Flux for HALion Sonic SE) BUT not the Pro set of HALion Sonic SE 3 which is in Cubase Pro.
    • includes Audio Warp Quantize, Comping, WaveLab file exchange, Workspaces; tempo track, signature track, track versions, global transpose track, note expression, advanced metronome, list editor, MPE support,
    • $US497 including the required USB-eLicenser ($US332 for upgrade from Elements)
  • Cubase Pro
    • unlimited tracks
    • VST instruments as per Artist but adds Pro set of HALion Sonic SE 3
    • can have up to 76 VST audio plugins instead of 57
    • 256 group channels
    • in addition to Artist: VariAudio 3; Control Room; Project Logical Editor; ARA 2 / AAF / OMF support; Profiles; music XML import/export; time warp; spectral comparison EQ, VCA faders, wave meters

Vienna software

  • require USB-Licenser €24
    • Every computer that runs a VE Pro SERVER (and lets you load plug-ins in that server) will need one license and one ViennaKey or other USB eLicenser (you can also use a Steinberg Key, if you already have one or can get it faster).
  • Vienna Ensemble Pro
    • mixing and hosting application enables you to set up a multiple computer network with both Macs and PCs without the need for extra MIDI and audio interfaces – all you need is a ethernet cable!
      • allows one computer to contain the sound samples while the other has the DAW
    • v7.0 includes 73Gb Epic Orchestra 2.0 Sample Pack worth € 105
    • €195 1st licence
      • sample player available as a standalone or as a VST3 plug in
      • € 55
    • Vienna MIR Pro
      • a reverb surround sound software add on to Ensemble Pro
      • can add in RoomPacks such as Vienna Konzerthaus
      • €645 plus room packs €115-€275 each
    • Vienna Studio Pro
      • High-Precision Stereo & Surround Audio Plug-ins
      • €260


grand pianos

    • 47Gb; 100 velocities and 1,200 recorded samples per key!
    • perhaps the best sampled VST piano available in 2020
    • requires USB-Licenser
    • € 295
    • comes with its own sample player, the UVI Workstation 3
    • no dongle needed; can be used on up to 3 computers;
    • 5.5Gb; 17,000 samples; 19 velocity layers;
    • $US199
    • modeled piano (not sampled)
    • €129 for 1st 2 instrument packs with “Stage version” but this is only 48kHz instead of 192kHz then €49 each extra one
    • “Standard version” €249 adds mic setting, piano model tweaking, advanced tuning and allows 3 instrument packs of your choice
    • “Pro version” €369 gives 192kHz audio, note-per-note editing of overtones, and 3 instrument packs of your choice
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