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   *included here for comparison as are too big for a shirt pocket   *included here for comparison as are too big for a shirt pocket
   *see also [[mirrorless]]   *see also [[mirrorless]]
 +====Canon Powershot G1X Mark III====
 +  *announced Oct 2017
 +  *the 1st Canon G-camera to use an APS-C size sensor
 +  *24mp Dual-pixel AF sensor; 15-45mm f/2.8-5.6 3x zoom lens eq. to 24-72mm
 +  *7-9fps burst rate; built-in flash plus hotshoe
 +  *EVF plus vari-angle touch screen; dust/water resistant;
 +  *1080/60p video with 5 axis movie IS; no 4K; 
 +  *$US1299
 ====Leica X-U underwater camera==== ====Leica X-U underwater camera====
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