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choosing a digital camera Xmas 2019


  • nearly all modern digital mirrorless cameras are excellent and will take great images but they ALL have their pros and cons and NONE are optimised for every photographic scenario
  • the following are in $AU for camera bodies only as of Nov 2019 (NB. I do NOT SELL these!)
  • I have excluded cameras without in body sensor shift image stabilisation (IBIS) such as Canon, most of the Fuji cameras and the old Sony a7

Ultra high resolution cameras

  • very few people need these and those that do will have to put up with the frustrations of slow post-processing times and need for higher powered computers and lots of storage.
  • examples include:

High resolution full frame cameras for landscapes, architecture and studio work

Standard resolution general purpose full frame cameras

Standard resolution APS-C cameras

Standard resolution sports cameras

Standard resolution video optimised cameras

Standard resolution travel, more compact systems

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