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 see also: see also:
 +  *[[fujixf_teleconverters]]
   *[[mirrorless]]   *[[mirrorless]]
   *[[microfourthirds]]   *[[microfourthirds]]
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 ====X-T3==== ====X-T3====
   *announced Sept 2018   *announced Sept 2018
-  *26mp +  *26mp BSI CMOS X-Trans sensor with base ISO 160 
-  *much improved AF now with Eye AF tracking in C-AF at 11fps burst+  *no IBIS 
 +  *425 pt hybrid AF covering 91% of the sensor's width and 94.5% of its height 
 +  *much improved AF now with Eye AF tracking in C-AF at 11fps burst (mechanical) 
 +  *20fps electronic mode (30fps with 1.25x crop factor)
   *3.69mdot EVF   *3.69mdot EVF
-  *4K/60fps 10-bit video capture +  *4K/60p 10-bit video capture but at 1.18x crop (30p at full area); F-Log capture;  
-  *tilting reach touchscreen+    * 4K 60p footage can be captured as 10-bit 4:2:0 data using the High Efficiency Video Codec (h.265) compression system at 200 Mbps 
 +    * 4K 30p can be shot in All-I (data is retained about every frame) or Long GOP (full data is retained about key frames but only differences are retained for the frames in between) compression at up to 400 Mbps. 
 +    * AF tracking in video mode applies only to faces 
 +    * rolling shutter in both full width and cropped mode is just 16ms which is twice as good as a Sony a6300 and getting close to a Panasonic GH5 or Sony FS7 
 +    * can also output 10-bit 4:2:2 over HDMI. 
 +  *3 axis tilting reach touchscreen but not for vlogging
   *headphone jack   *headphone jack
-  *dual card slots+  *dual UHS-II SD card slots 
 +  *USB C-type connector can be used for charging battery 
 +  *new dark adaptation red user interface mode 
 +  *WiFi and Bluetooth
   *$US1500   *$US1500
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