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 =====cameras===== =====cameras=====
 +  *announced Feb 2020
 +  *26MP BSI CMOS X-Trans sensor
 +  *5 to 6.5EV IBIS depending upon lens used and far better than the IBIS on the X-H1 esp. when panning
 +  *425 AF pts;
 +  *improved AF tracking; New lossy Raw compression mode;
 +  *20fps with AF electronic shutter (to 1/32,000th sec)
 +  *15fps new mechanical shutter AF rated at 300,000 shots
 +  *flash sync 1/250th sec
 +  *4K UHD/DCI 100-400Mbps 30p (200Mbps 60p with a 1.18x crop) 4:2:0 10-bit
 +  *1080 up to 240p output as 4-10x slo-mo
 +  *timelapse
 +  *Still no AF Tracking option in video and no headphone socket
 +  *fully articulated touchscreen
 +  *3.68Mdot EVF
 +  *new 16Wh 500 shot NP-W235 battery ​
 +  *dual UHS-II card slots and removable door to allow changing cards when mounted in a rig
 +  *USB-C type connector allowing USB PD charging; WiFi, Bluetooth;
 +  *in-camera 8-bit or 16bit TIFF to make the most of the in-camera Film Simulation modes
 +  *607g
 +  *$US1699
 ====X-T200==== ====X-T200====
   *announced Jan 2020   *announced Jan 2020
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