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   ***AC power only**   ***AC power only**
   *Bowens S mount   *Bowens S mount
-  *433MHz wifi remote control system+  *433MHz wifi remote control system in version I 
 +  *2.4GHz wifi remote control via RC-A6 controller in version II
   *CRI > 93; TLCI > 95;   *CRI > 93; TLCI > 95;
   *dimmable to 10%;   *dimmable to 10%;
-  *2 versions of each power: white (5600K) or yellow (3300K)+  *2 color versions of each power: white (5600K) or yellow (3300K)
   *SL-60   *SL-60
   *SL-100   *SL-100
   *SL-150   *SL-150
 +  *SL-150II - adds silent mode, 8 FX effects, 58,000lux 1m; 2.95kg
   *SL-200   *SL-200
 +  *SL-200II - adds silent mode,  8 FX effects, 74,000lux 1m; 3.33kg
 ====Godox FV series==== ====Godox FV series====
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