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     *also 12mm T2.2 coming June 2015 (?$US1200 but $US699 if kick in with kickstarter)     *also 12mm T2.2 coming June 2015 (?$US1200 but $US699 if kick in with kickstarter)
     *85mm T2.2 coming 2015     *85mm T2.2 coming 2015
 +  *Irix 150mm T3.0 Macro Cine lens
 +    * announced mid 2019 "11 blades, superb high resolution to meet 8K video, nearly zero chromatic aberration and has almost no visible distortion"​ on a full frame mount it will give 1:1 macro, so on MFT's you get double that
 ====anamorphic cine lenses==== ====anamorphic cine lenses====
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