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Nikon D750 full frame dSLR


  • announced Sept 2014 at $2299 body only
  • compared to the cheaper Nikon D610 full frame dSLR:
    • AF works much better in low light
    • AF now can detect closest eye automatically D610 does not detect faces at all for AF
    • more AF points
    • more metering points
    • better LCD and now tilts
    • WiFi
  • compared to the more expensive Nikon D810 dSLR:
    • shutter only 1/4000th sec not 1/8000th sec
    • 24mp not 36mp
    • faster burst rate at 6.5fps (D810 is only 5fps)
    • AF now can detect closest eye automatically
    • not as quiet but is lighter
    • has U1 and U2 preset options and less confusing than the D810's four plus four more settings banks which can be accidentally reset
    • flash sync only 1/200th sec (D810 is 1/250th)
    • dual SD slots instead of CF + SD as on D810


  • 24mp full frame dSLR, 14 bit RAW
  • partially weathersealed
  • 51AF points (15 cross type) all crammed in the centre and only the centre 9 points work at f/8
  • ISO 100-12,800 (50 ~ 51,200 extended)
  • shutter 1/4,000 ~ 30 seconds and Bulb and rated at 150,000 cycles
  • flash sync 1/200th sec
  • 6.5fps burst
  • quiet mode: single or 3fps
  • optical viewfinder 100% coverage, 0.7x magnification, 21mm eye point with one axis level display
  • 91,000 pixel RGB 3-D matrix III metering
  • built-in flash GN 12m at ISO 100
  • 1080HD cropped 16:9 12-24Mbps 24,25,30p video - so it is very basic quality
  • mono mic and stereo input and headphone jacks
  • 3.2,“ 1.2K dot tilting non-touch LCD
  • dual SD card slots - SDXC UHS-I.
  • 1230 shot battery
  • WiFi in some models
  • 141 x 113 x 82mm (5.6” x 4.5“ x 3.1”)
  • 836g with battery (29.5oz)
  • $US2299


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