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Olympus full frame mirrorless


reasons for such a system

  • Olympus have been making lens patents - presumably for Sony, but they perhaps could be making them for their own system
  • whilst Micro Four Thirds system is now a mature, popular and profitable system with many great qualities, in particular, very nice light, compact lenses, some people do want to go that extra mile with ultra shallow depth of field (DOF) or high resolution, or high ISO capability and these are best achieved through full frame sensor size
  • an Olympus full frame system would reduce Micro Four Thirds users having to buy into a different platform to get to full frame, and thus would offer compatible flash systems and similar user interfaces
  • neither Canon nor Nikon, the main full frame manufacturers appear to have any preparedness to enter the full frame mirrorless market in which Sony is the only current player, and given Olympus and Sony have been working together it does make sense that Olympus leverages their now extensive R&D in mirrorless technologies, indeed they could even adopt the NEX E-mount as the mount and this may even allow adapters to Micro Four Thirds lenses to be utilised in crop mode.

reasons why Olympus may not produce a full frame system

  • Micro Four Thirds is so good, it doesn't really need to develop a full frame system and full frame will never compete with Micro Four Thirds in portability
  • it takes a lot of R&D to create such a system
  • Olympus believe in light and small and full frame would by necessity be substantially larger
  • they may feel it might cannibalise their Micro Four Thirds products although I am not convinced as the two systems have different utility
  • adopting the Sony E-mount may create issues with their relationship with Panasonic unless Panasonic also adopt the Sony E-mount
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