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Olympus mZD BCL 15mm f/8 body cap


  • a cheap ($60) body cap-sized fixed aperture lens designed to be a fun Lomography-style walk-around point and shoot pocketable kit for Micro Four Thirds system
  • quite sharp in the centre but never sharp towards the edges
  • no AF but there is a lever that allows setting manual focus although the substantial depth of field (DOF) means this is really only needed for close up work


  • 15mm focal length = 30mm in 35mm terms
  • fixed f/8 aperture
  • 3 elements
  • no AF
  • sliding manual focus lever with settings at infinity, hyperfocal distance (allows DOF from 1m to infinity), and close up control down to 30cm
  • no electronic communications, thus no EXIF data
  • only 9mm long and 22g
  • RRP $60


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