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Olympus mZD 25mm f/1.2 PRO lens


  • announced Sept 2016
  • wide aperture weathersealed pro lens
  • offers faster, more silent and much less stuttering AF and shallower depth of field (DOF) thanks to the wider aperture, and with closer focus than the Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 ASPH lens when both are used on an OM-D camera but there is more vignette effect of bokeh circles in periphery making them more oval in shape

Imaging Resource's BEST standard prime lens of 2016


  • 25mm f/1.2 = 50mm fov in full frame terms
  • weathersealed
  • MSC
  • close focus 19.5cm giving 0.22x close up
  • 19 elements in 14 groups including 1 Super ED lens, 2 ED lenses, 3 HR Lenses, 1 E-HR lens and 1 Aspherical lens
  • only a single, small lens element is used for focusing to allow fast AF
  • Z Nano coating
  • 62mm filter
  • MF clutch
  • 3.4“ long
  • 410g
  • RRP $US1199


    • “very sharp right out of the gate at ƒ/1.2 and offers tack-sharp edge-to-edge sharpness by ƒ/2”
    • 2/3rds EV vignetting in corners at f/1.2
    • very small amount of pincushion distortion
    • slight amount of chromatic aberration wide open in corners, very slight magenta fringing at high contrast edges
    • “it's worth every penny, providing optical performance worthy of the price tag”
    • at aperture wider than f/5.6 is sharper in the centre but may be less sharp in the edges at comparable apertures at infinity, but sharper again when compared at ~2m subject distances
    • heavier, larger, more expensive, and has MF clutch with nicer manual focus feel but is weatherproof and f/1.2 vs f/1.4
    • shallower DOF, better bokeh, greater subject magnification despite both close focus is 30cm

image samples

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