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Pentax 645 digital system


  • neither the Pentax 645 Nii nor the Pentax 67II have any capability for interchangeable digital backs
  • in 2010, Pentax announced they would join the medium format digital camera market place with their Pentax 645D dSLR camera
  • Pentax 645AF2 bayonet mount:
    • Pentax 645AF2, 645AF, and 645A mount lenses
  • system seems to have been discontinued in 2023

Pentax 645Z

  • announced April 2014
  • 51mp 43.8 x 32.8mm 0.79x crop (pixel pitch 5.3 microns) Sony sensor (same as in the Hblad H5D-50C and the Phase One IQ250 digital back)
  • Dust Reduction II ultrasonic cleaning system
  • SAFOX 11 autofocus system, which has 27 points (25 of which are cross-type)
  • 3fps shutter is actually quieter than the one on the Sony A7r and is rated for 100,000 cycles
  • 1080/30p video
  • Live view mode with face detection AF and reasonably fast CDAF
  • x-sync 1/125th sec
  • USB 3.0 port
  • support for remote WiFi via Flucard
  • dial for mirror lockup
  • articulating 1.04Mdot 3.2“ LCD
  • interchangeable focusing screens
  • weathersealed and usable down to minus 10degC, 1.5kg
  • $US8499 body only

Pentax 645D

  • announced March 2010
  • 40MP, 44 x 33mm CCD sensor made by Kodak with 14bit A/D converter and 11.5 stops dynamic range
  • 921k dot 3.0” LCD
  • dust-proof, weather-resistant construction with 70 special seals
  • top shutter speed of 1/4000 second that can withstand as many as 50,000 shutter releases
  • 1.1fps
  • flash X-Sync: 1/125 sec
  • ISO 200-1000 (100,1,600 boost)
  • DR (Dust Removal) II mechanism
  • 11-point wide-frame AF sensor with nine cross-type sensors positioned in the middle
  • 77-segment multi-pattern metering
  • HDR (high dynamic range) function to create one composite image with an extra-wide gradation range from three images with different exposures
  • automatic compensation of distortion and lateral chromatic aberration (available in combination with the D FA 645- and FA 645- series lenses)
  • SD cards
  • compatible with the SDM (Supersonic Direct-drive Motor) autofocus mechanism
  • compatible with the existing Pentax 645 system lenses

Pentax D FA 645 lenses

  • smc PENTAX DA 645 25mm F4 AL (IF) SDM AW
  • smc PENTAX D FA 645 55mm F2.8 AL (IF) SDM AW
  • HD Pentax D FA 645 Macro 90mm F2.8 ED AW SR stabilized lens
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