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 =====Portrait softening:​===== =====Portrait softening:​=====
 +  *[[https://​​watch?​v=Wvr8LCSuFjE|Youtube:​ perfect skin tones in PS]]
 +    * you cannot trust your eyes!
 +    * standardize your base tones
 +    * lasso tool to select skin tones excluding highlights and shadows (eg. forehead and cheeks)
 +    * copy into a new layer
 +    * apply Filter:​Blur:​Average
 +    * find a skin tone sample that best matches your subject and drop it onto your image
 +    * use Curves to adjust the RGB of the lasso selection to the RGB values of your skin tone sample, you may then need to adjust saturation or exposure slightly to taste
 ===technique 1:=== ===technique 1:===
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