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     * [[http://​​samyang-af-35mm-f1-4-fe-lens-review/​]]     * [[http://​​samyang-af-35mm-f1-4-fe-lens-review/​]]
         * minimal coma when used on cropped sensor camera         * minimal coma when used on cropped sensor camera
-        * sharper ​at f/2.8+        * sharpness improves ​at f/2.8
     * [[http://​​2017/​10/​17/​samyang-35mm-f1-4-af-for-sony-e-mount/​]]     * [[http://​​2017/​10/​17/​samyang-35mm-f1-4-af-for-sony-e-mount/​]]
-    * no AF tests are available ​as yet (Nov 2017)+    * [[https://​​new-samyang-35mm-f1-4-goes-head-head-sony-zeiss-distagon-35mm-f1-4/​]] 
 +        * similar ​AF speed and accuracy ​as the Zeiss, but not as silent for video 
 +        * softer wider open in corners than the Zeiss and the Zeiss becomes significantly sharper in centre as well as edges at f/2.2, but by f/8 they are similar sharpness although the Zeiss just beats it in the corners
   ***Rokinon 35mm f/2.8 FE**   ***Rokinon 35mm f/2.8 FE**
     * not weathersealed     * not weathersealed
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