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Sony a9ii full frame mirrorless camera


  • announced Oct 2019 compared with the Sony a9 full frame mirrorless camera original model, it has:
    • upgraded the BIONZ X Image-Processing engine and front-end LSI for improved autofocus speed and precision, face detection and EVF response
    • better AF performance and tracking
      • tuned the AF algorithms to achieve even more reliable tracking of fast and unpredictable moving subjects
      • better AF in strongly backlit situations
      • C-AF tracking works down to f/16
      • Real Time Eye AF tracking now in Movie mode (as with the Sony a7R IV)
    • improved image quality and colors, improved AWB, cleaner high ISO, improved dynamic range
    • anti-flicker mode (but only works in mechanical shutter mode)
    • glowing red AF frame (as in the a7RIV and earlier A99II cameras)
    • embedded voice memo
    • improved weathersealing
    • improved “low vibration” mechanical shutter, faster (10fps instead of 5fps), more quiet, shorter lag time, much better flash performance
    • ergonomics now matches the Sony a7R IV, much better, deeper grip, improved joystick
    • faster WiFi 2.4GHz as with a9 but now adds 5GHz and ac
    • 2 UHS-II card slots instead of only one being UHS-II
    • fast USB-C charging
    • USB 3.2 type C instead of USB 2.0
    • high speed 1000BASE-T LAN port
    • file renaming for movies
    • digital audio via the new MI Shoe Digital Audio Interface as with the Sony a7R IV
    • PASM dial lock
    • menu can now set 12 settings for stills and 12 settings for movies making customisation for each simpler to switch between and can save 10 sets of FTP settings to a SD card
    • improved battery efficiency albeit only slightly (500 shots vs 480 shots)
    • slightly improved IBIS now “5.5EV” instead of “5.0EV”
    • greater potential for future firmware improvements


  • same 24.2-megapixel 35 mm full-frame stacked CMOS sensor from the a9
  • BIONZ X processor
  • 10fps mechanical shutter, up to 20fps electronic shutter with buffer of 361 JPEG, 239 RAW, 226 RAW+JPEG, 131 RAW (Uncompressed) (buffer is essentially same as the a9)
  • electronic shutter 1/8th sec to 1/32,000th sec
  • mechanical shutter 30sec to 1/8,000th sec, flash sync 1/250th sec
  • 693 phase and 425 contrast detection points
  • 5.5EV 5 axis IBIS but no pixel shift HiRes mode
  • 3.6 million dot EVF (same as the a9)
  • 1.4mdot rear LCD (same as the a9)
  • hotshoe with digital audio (same as the a7RIV)
  • 2 UHS-II card slots
  • LAN terminal; USB 3.2
  • 128.9mm x 96.4mm x 77.5mm
  • 678g (1lb 8.0 oz)
  • CIPA battery life 500 shots
  • $US4499
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