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Lens adapters for Sony NEX E-mount cameras


  • the Sony E-mount cameras have a short sensor to lens flange distance which makes them extremely versatile when it comes to adapting lenses made for other systems

Canon EF lens adapters

Sigma MC-11 adapter (Canon EF to Sony E version)

  • introduced in early 2016
  • incorporates the data necessary for each compatible lens and uses a dedicated control program to optimize AF drive, aperture control, and other function
  • there is a USB port in the adapter that allows users update MC-11 when future Sigma Art, Contemporary or Sport lenses are released.
  • much more affordable ($US249) than the Metabones Smart IV adapter, and although Sigma designed it for its own Sigma lenses in Canon EF mount, it does work with variable success with other Canon EF mount lenses, interestingly, it even works with the Canon EF 135mm f/2.0L lens which does not work on the Metabones adapter!
  • It is NOT compatible with teleconverters
  • not compatible with AFC (continuous AF) or AFA
  • only some Sigma lenses are compatible with DMF (Direct MF - ability to change focus manually after AF is locked)
  • compatible with Dual Sync IS when using compatible Sigma OIS lenses
  • when used with non-Sigma lenses, the light on the adapter will not light indicating incompatibility - but most will AF to some degree and have aperture control as well as IS support (but not Dual Sync IS as with Metabones)
  • see for list of compatible Sigma lenses which will work in “native” mode

Metabones Smart Adapter IV

  • expensive ($US399 or $AU749)
  • variable support for Canon EF lenses but the following will not AF:
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