how to write a comment

STOP! SPAM will NOT be tolerated – I have an extremely intelligent spam filtering system which will remove any comments that appear to be spam!

For the genuine posters out there:

Unfortunately, the WordPress software does not make it immediately obvious how YOU can write a comment to a post.

At present, I have allowed anyone to write comments without being registered on the site, however this may change if this policy becomes problematic.

To write a comment just go to the bottom of the post and click on the link entitled either “No responses” or “x responses” where x is a number.

Then you can optionally enter your name or a nick name, email or website link and then type your comment.

You can add a link in your comment using html tags, for example:

a href=”website url” title=”link title”> will link to a website url and display the word link title

but you must precede this with <

(I can’t here as it would only show you the end result and not how to do it).

Don’t forget to hit the Submit Comment button.

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