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3f UL Gear TC cotton Kangaro inner tents



  • 230G black TC polyester cotton fabric
    • features
      • breathable cotton (you can still see light sources through the black fabric so it is not blockout but still helps to keep it dark and is great for privacy)
      • UPF50+ UV protective
      • moisture absorption
      • BUT is NOT waterproof
  • 3000mm PU 210D floor
  • high density 20D polyester mesh
  • 7001 aluminium alloy poles
    • 2 half sets each with two hubs - just join the hubs together and place legs into each corner of tent then clip tent on
    • tip: to join the horizontal pole from one side with the hub on the other, push both poles downwards until the hub and horizontal pole are horizontal
  • supplied with 210D polyester ground sheet and 4 pegs
  • NB. these are inner tents - they do NOT have a fly and are not waterproof in the rain and would not do well in the unprotected wind
  • doesn't have the zipper for power cords
  • 1P: 3.9kg 220x90x132cm packs to 50x19x16cm
    • this is a generously sized extra-tall 1P tent which will fit either:
      • a large king sized stretcher bed will just fit snugly such as the Wanderer Premium King stretcher (207 long x 78 wide x 30cm high) and still plenty of height to easily sit on the stretcher
      • a Blackwolf Hexatherm XL Single 3D mattress (200L x 90W x 10H cm) fits width-wise very snugly and leaving plenty of room at one end for a standard 100Ah battery box or other accessories
  • 2P: 5.1kg 220x160x139cm packs to 50x20x20cm;


3F UL Gear Kangaroo 2P tent

Compared to Vidalido Land Yu tent

  • the 3F UL tents:
    • have poles which are MUCH EASIER to set up and pack up as they are essentially two half sets which join at each end
    • have poles which are much less rigid and do flex a LOT so would not be useful for putting heavier clothes on top, or use in unprotected wind
    • have better quality materials - more secure clip bases, thicker fabric (230G vs 130G), mesh and floor (210D 3000mm PU vs 200D 2500mm PU)
    • are wider and taller and have a slightly asymmetric design with rear side slightly lower to allow fitting better in tents with sloping rear doors
    • but do not have a power cord zipper
    • are significantly heavier due to the fabric
    • fasteners have reflective components to see them better at night (need to add these yourself to the Vidalido zips)
    • supplied with a ground sheet (don't get one with the Vidalido)
    • large storage areas at each end are elevated rather than just above the tub floor
    • have a 1P version as well as a 2P version
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