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air pumps for camping

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  • I don't sell any of these nor do I receive any remuneration if you buy them, and I have not personally reviewed them, they are listed here to give you perspective


  • air pumps fall into one of two main groups:
    • high volume low pressure for inflatables
    • low volume, high pressure for car tyres
  • air pumps are generally very noisy and can only be used for a limited amount of time before the motor overheats
  • most hikers will pump up their sleeping mats by mouth as weight is everything to them and pumps just add unnecessary weight
  • but for those who don't mind carrying something extra, an air pump can be very handy, especially if it has other functionality
    • air pump itself can be used for:
      • inflating mattresses, water floating devices, kayaks, etc
      • deflating the above
      • deflating your clothing packing bags
      • providing air to stimulate your wood fire into action
    • some pumps are adequate to inflate air tents
    • some pumps are powerful enough to inflate car tyres
      • most of the small lithium hand held pumps will only be suitable for tyres up to small car size, owners of medium to large cars may prefer a dedicated 12V pump
      • 4WD owners who go off-road will frequently need to deflate/inflate the tires to suit conditions and a high quality heavy duty pump is required for the large 4WD tyres, preferably with ability to deflate to a preset pressure
    • some devices have additional functionality:
      • USB power bank to charge smart phones etc
      • torch/lantern
      • quite fan mode to cool down your tent
  • a pump becomes mandatory for larger items such as kayaks or large air beds

low pressure high volume pumps for inflatables

low pressure USB chargeable compact inflator/deflators for inflatables

  • FLEXTAILGEAR Tiny Pump Portable Air Pump Ultra-Mini Air Pump
    • 79g; 12.4 x 11 x 5.08 cm; inflate/deflate; 50/200/400 lumen light; 1300mAh Battery; $AU37
    • includes light, hanging ring, 2 air pump speeds (4.5kPa 0.7psi 300L/min or 2.5kPa 0.4psi 150L/min for air beds) by double press to start pump and long press to adjust flow pressure
    • 5 nozzles; 4500K light can be set to 500 lumens for 12hrs or 50 lumens for 76hours
    • USB out to charge smartphones; 3600mAh battery; USB-C input to charge;
    • max use time 10 minutes but even powerful enough to get a kayak pumped to around 90-95% (still need the hand pump to do the last bit) and fantastic for deflating the kayak
    • 160g; 51.5×57.5x77mm (2“ x 2.3” x 3“); IP55;
    • $AU64
    • rectangular cube version with larger 4800mAh battery and weighs 190g; IPX4 waterproofing; 2.2” x 1.9“ x 3.5”; 50-500lumen lantern; USB-C input to charge; $AU68
  • MicroNovelty Giga Pump 2.0
    • inflate/deflate; USB-C charging of 1300mAh battery; includes 10hrs 40lumen or 2.5hrs 160lumen or 1hr 400lumen 4500K lantern, 5 nozzles to fit most inflatables; 180L/min air flow at 3.5kPa can inflate a single air mattress in 30secs;
    • 43x43x53mm; 89g; $AU56
  • Ultralight Camping AirPump

Alkaline battery air pumps

  • Spinifex 12V 40W pump inflate/deflate
    • 4x LR20/D 1.5V batteries; 285g; 15x12x12cm; Anaconda $AU25

12V cigarette plug low pressure air pumps for air beds

  • Spinifex 12V 65W pump inflate/deflate
  • Coleman High Output 12V Pump inflate/deflate
    • 1.5kg; 2.7m power cord; Anaconda $AU55
  • Zempire Microcell Pump for air beds inflate/deflate
    • 440g; 16cm x 10cm x 11cm; 360L/min 0.63PSI ; 240V/12V; $AU49
  • Outdoor Connection 12V HiFlo Pressure Pump for air mattresses and Outdoor Connection air tents
    • 1.4kg; 9.2A; 27cm x17cm x14cm; $AU129
  • Seamax SUP 20PSI Intelligent Double Stage Electric Air Pump for kayaks, etc
    • built-in sand filter for air intake & pump cooling system; inflate/deflate;
    • 1st stage max speed 350L/min; 2nd stage max speed 70L/min, Pressure setting increments 0.5 PSI and support up to 20PSI. Computer monitors the real time pressure reading and find a best timing to switch the stage
    • 10”x7”x7”; 1.36kg; $AU169
  • Zempire SuperCell Pump for Zempire air tents
    • 0-16PSI 150-200L/min; 20.5cm x 14cm x 18cm ; 3m power cord; 1.3m hose; $AU199

12V cigarette plug rechargeable low pressure air pumps for air beds

lead acid batteries

  • Spinifex Recharge 240 & 12V Air Pump inflate/deflate
    • 12V or 240V AC recharge; 10.2kg Anaconda $AU69
  • Coleman Quickpump Rechargeable 12V+240V Air Pump inflate/deflate
    • 1.6kg; 14.5 x 10.3 x 22.8H cm; Sealed Lead Acid battery; $AU85/$49 on special;

lithium batteries

hand pumps

  • Spinifex Double Action Hand Pump for rafts, kayaks
    • 3.5L/cycle; 49 x 20.5 x 11.8 cm; Anaconda $AU30
  • Zempire Hurricane Pump DA
    • 2kg; 64cm H x 27cm W x 16cm D; Twin modes high/low pressure; Pressure Gauge; $AU99

foot pumps

  • Spinifex Bellow Foot Pump inflate/deflate
    • 5L air flow; 26 x 18 x 8 cm; Anaconda $AU25
  • Exped Mini Pump For Camping Sleeping Mats
    • Packed Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 8 cm; 150D polyester top, 75D bottom; 45g; $AU35

air catching hand pumps

  • these are essentially wide mouthed bags which you fill with air by catching air while moving the bags then you squeeze the air out into your device
  • can usually double as a stuff sack if needed
  • Sea to Summit Jet Stream Pump Sack
    • $AU40

high pressure pumps for up to small car tyres

high pressure USB chargeable air pumps

  • Kikar All-in-1 Portable Air Compressor Mini Inflator Electric Pump
    • detachable 1000mAh Lithium battery; USB out to charge devices; torch;
    • 25 -35 L/min at up to 150PSI (not for truck tyres but will do car tyres); LCD screen to monitor and set desired PSI to inflate to;
    • 28.4 x 9.8 x 6.2 cm; 560g; max duration 8 min then need to cool for 3 minutes;
    • $AU67
  • VEEAPE AP2 Portable Air Compressor Pump
    • 2000mAh lithium; USB out; torch; LCD screen to monitor and set desired PSI to inflate to; 5 pump modes such as car, bike, inflatable;
    • 20L/min to 120psi;
    • 22.3 x 6.71 x 5.21 cm; 481g
    • $AU81
  • Acteam PAC-2000 pump
    • 2000mAh lithium; USB out; 80 lumen 7hr torch; LCD screen to monitor and set desired PSI to inflate to;
    • 120psi max;
    • 23.7 x 12 x 6.1 cm; 340g;
  • YTA Portable air Compressor
    • 2000mAH via 4 lithium batteries; stainless steel; 2 LED lights; LCD screen with backlight;
    • 150psi max;
    • 23.83 x 9.02 x 6.71 cm; 499g
    • $A77
  • AvviKro Portable Air Compressor for small cars / motorbikes / bikes / inflatables only
    • 20L/min 120psi; 2000mAh lithium battery;LED display; torch; 5 modes; inflate/deflate car tyre to a pressure; not supported for medium or large cars;
    • 15x6x4cm $AU79
  • Bosch Electric Air Pump Mini Compressor EasyPump 603947000
    • 250W up to 149psi (10.3 bar); 3Ah 3.6V lithium
    • 30 x 15 x 10 cm; 400g
    • $AU99

high pressure air compressor pumps for most car tyres

12V 10A cig lighter

  • AstroAI A220B
    • 1kg; 21.4 x 16.8 x 10.6 cm; 120W; 35 L/Min 100psi; inflate car tyres to 35psi in ~5 minutes;
    • LED display; 10' cord; LED torch;
    • $AU46
  • WOLFBOX YD-382
    • 2.66kg; 24.89 x 8.38 x 17.02 cm; Pure copper double cylinder, 50L/min, 150psi;inflate car tyres to 35psi in under 2 minutes
    • LED display; 5 LED torch;
    • $AU69

12V alligator clip heavy duty for 4WD owners

  • Kings Thumper Max Dual Air Compressor MkII
    • 90A; 8m heavy duty rubber hose with inline pressure gauge
    • twin 60mm pistons and cylinders 300L/min 90psi (cut off at 125psi); 2m power lead with alligator clips; 9kg; 365mm x 150mm x 220mm high
    • $AU159
  • Sherpa DC Air Compressor (BIG-AIR)
    • heavy duty model for 4WD; over-sized piston to optimise performance at pressures up to 90 PSI
    • delivers over 10 CFM (283 LPM) of free air delivery
    • 3m power lead with alligator clips; IP54; $AU599

12V jump starter / car tyre pump devices

lead acid battery

  • these are large, heavy units with car battery jump start leads and 12V and USB power out
  • they are generally recharged via 240V AC
  • now being replaced by lithium batteries
  • SCA 12V Jump Starter w / Air Compressor for up to 6 cylinder 3L cars
    • 22/LPM air; 1100A jump start;

lithium battery

  • UTRAI Jstar 5 24000mAh Car Jump Starter Power Pack w/ Air Compressor
    • 24000mAh
    • peak 2000A; start 1000A
    • USB-C in fast charge but no DC in; USB out x2; 4-4.5hr charge; two LCD displays battery power; pump pressure;
    • 201mm*153.5mm*77mm
    • 150psi pump inflates car tyre to 35psi in 4 minutes
    • $AU183
  • SJS Power Pack Jump Starter 1500Amp with separate Tyre Pump
    • 16000MAH 60Wh 12V lithium polymer battery; 1500AMP jump start for most vehicles up to: 4.2 L DIESEL (4200cc)/7L PETROL (7000cc)
    • 2.5-6A 12V 80psi pump inflates 205/65R15 tyre to 40 psi in 15 min; 3 LED torch;
    • power 12V devices up to 180watts / 15A. Must use SSCFCL156 or SJS12vPK adaptors.
    • charge via 240V or 12V 800mA charger or USB
    • power pack: 185mm x 85mm x 38mm 550g
    • pump: 105mm x 95mm x 45mm 300g has analog pressure meter
    • Autobarn $AU289
  • 600A LiFePO4 Lithium Jump Starter with Air Tyre Inflator
    • 16000mAh(51.2Wh) 4 x LiFePO4 cells; LCD display to set pressure; torch;
    • jump start: Start Current 300A Peak Current 600A
    • 265*160*63mm; 1.7kg;
    • 12V 10A input port for air pump
    • 15V 1A charge port
    • 12V 10A output port; 2xUSB out;
    • Aus Electronics $AU249 on special
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