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camp ground etiquette

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  • Don't be a disrespectful “Kmart camper” - those who don't really care or understand and buy cheap rubbish which then fails, and worse, the campers leave the mess of failed gear at the campground for others to clean up


  • most people want to go camping to get away, engage with nature, get as good as sleep as possible and have minimal problems and many enjoy their time away from other people while others like to take the opportunity to connect with other campers
  • in short:
    • RESPECT others
      • minimise noise (especially at night)
        • don't get drunk
          • your sleep will be adversely affected and you are much more likely to snore loudly
          • you are more likely to become loud and aggressive
          • you are more likely to injure yourself or others (eg. falling into a fire)
        • turn off loud music at a reasonable time
        • do not use power generators when others are around
        • do not use chainsaws near camp sites
        • do not use noisy dirt bikes near camp sites
        • moderate your childrens behavior
        • don't take dogs that tend to bark a lot
      • respect their privacy
        • do not walk into other camper's sites without their consent unless it is an emergency to help them
        • ensure you tell your kids not to walk or ride bikes into other occupied camp sites and this includes care using torches at night such as looking for wombats
        • ensure your pets are not straying into other tent sites
        • don't have your car headlights aimed at their tent
        • give others space
        • many prefer to sleep naked - it's your responsibility as parents to keep your kids away from them and let them enjoy being at one with nature and as long as they are doing this discretely they should be allowed to do so without people making a fuss of it
      • respect their assumed rights
        • most camp grounds have a first in, first served policy such as those who arrive first get to choose their camp site first, and many doing so also reserve sites for their friends or family - these people should do so in a reasonable manner
        • obviously do not commit criminal offences such as theft even though camp grounds are inherently less secure environments which invite theft and some campers do leave chairs or table on vacant sites to reserve them
    • BE KIND but don't be intrusive
      • offer help but understand some will prefer to not accept it at that time
      • some campers will snore loudly and its usually not their fault (unless they got drunk) - be prepared and bring your ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones
      • avoid getting upset, agitated or aggressive but do make polite communication of reasonable requests of others if their behaviour is impacting others
    • DO NOT FEED WILDLIFE including birds
      • this is generally bad for their health and tends to make them aggressive to people at meal times when they don't get food
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