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camping in Australia in Summer (Dec-Feb)


  • camping in Summer in most popular summer campgrounds in Australia will generally require many months of advanced booking to ensure a site if it coincides with the summer school holidays, particularly over Xmas and on Australia Day long weekend
    • for sites that do not require booking, spaces generally start to free up after the 2nd Jan but especially after the 2nd Sunday in Jan when most people who only get 2 weeks leave such as tradies go back to work. However your best bet for a good site is when the school kids go back to school.
  • most areas will have hot days which means you will need a plentiful supply of drinking walking especially if hiking, and a need to also manage bushfire risk in the southern regions in particular
  • the heat in northern Australia is quite oppressive and in coastal areas, humid with high rainfall, storms and cyclone risk
  • if the forecast is for days over 35degC then camping will not be comfortable UNLESS:
    • you manage to find a camp near water that is safe to wade in, preferably with ability to set up a gazebo sun shade cover, hence the beach or a river with a beach-like area, OR,
    • you head to the hills - temperature falls 1degC for every 100m elevation HOWEVER BEWARE of bushfire dangers as you may not be able to escape!
  • on these very hot days ensure you:
    • have plenty of drinking water
    • have and use UV protection (broad rimmed hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, light UV protective clothing)
    • have shade protection but avoid camping under a large lethal tree branch as they may fall in hot weather without warning (your tent or caravan WILL get HOT!)
    • have a fan or two
    • avoid drinking too much alcohol
    • need to be extra nice and tolerant as campers will get stressed and angry more readily especially if they are drunk
    • are ready for severe storms
    • are bushfire ready - you will not be able to use an open fire
    • have a suitable method of keeping your food from going off and giving everyone food poisoning
  • alternatively, on such hot days, stay at home in your air conditioning!
  • tents and caravans can become oppressively hot in the Australian summer sun on hot days
    • Blockout or “Dark Room” touring tents you can stand up in will reduce the rise in temperature inside a tent but will not lower it below the ambient temperature in the shade

Mean climate in January

locale Max Temp Min Temp RainDays CloudDays rainfall near beach 3pm RH 3pm wind kph
Darwin 32degC 25degC 19 24 432mm yes, crocs, stingers 70% 18
Alice Springs 36degC 22degC 3 7 40mm no 22% 16
Broome 33degC 26degC 9 15 191mm yes, stingers, rarely crocs 65% 20
Port Douglas 30degC 24degC 11 400mm yes, crocs, stingers 73%
Cairns 32degC 24degC 16 17 400mm yes, crocs, stingers 66% 16
Townsville 31degC 24degC 12 14 269mm yes, crocs, stingers 65% 20
Hervey Bay 30degC 23degC 8 126mm yes 61% 22
Sunshine coast 29degC 21degC 10 145mm yes 70% 24
northern NSW beaches 28degC 21degC 11 12 165mm yes 74% 25
Wollongong coast 26degC 18degC 11 13 130mm yes 68% 14
Merimbula 24degC 15degC 5 10 75mm yes 66% 21
Mallacoota Vic 24deg C 16degC 6 64mm yes 66% 21
Lakes Entrance 24deg C 15degC 7 12 56mm yes 66% 21
Sale 26deg C 13degC 6 12 45mm yes 51% 23
Wilsons prom lighthouse 20degC 14degC 7 15 52mm yes 72% 34
Wonthaggi 24degC 13degC 6 16 48mm yes 61% 17
Echuca 31degC 15degC 3 7 28mm no 29% 14
Mildura 33degC 17degC 3 6 22mm no 27% 17
Flinders Ranges SA 34degC 18degC 2 5 20mm no 24% 11
Warrnambool 22degC 13degC 5 11 33mm yes 66% 17
Apollo Bay 22degC 14degC 6 53mm yes
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