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dark, sun blockout tents


  • one of the main issues with tents, especially synthetic ones (and many of this also applies to swags), is that they let in too much light through the fly and inner which results in:
    • getting woken up at sunrise
    • too hot in the sun to have a midday nap
    • sleep or privacy impacted by car headlights or strong torches
  • this is less of an issue of thick heavy canvas tents
  • one solution for synthetic tents is to have an extra black “Blockout” layer on the inside of the fly which reduced light transmission by over 99% and hence the new “darkroom” or “blockout” tents


  • can sleep in longer
  • can take a nap during the day even in the sun assisted with open meshed windows and doors (as long as ambient temperatures are below ~25degC)
  • not impacted by car headlights or strong torches
  • more privacy during the day time - can leave the door facing away from the sun open, and as long as there is no direct sunlight coming in from the windows or other door, the inside of the tent is very dark and not able to be well visualised from outside the tent, so you can sleep with more privacy in day time without having to close the tent up
  • great for music festivals if you want to sleep during the day!
  • fly is generally made a little stronger and perhaps more waterproof and the more expensive price point often means they get a better floor


  • a little heavier and more expensive
  • blockout layer tends to rub off at friction points with use

Examples of 1-2P tent/swags

  • Oztent DS-1 / DS-2 Pitch Black tent/swag
    • 2 hoop design with long 65gsm No-See-Um removable and replaceable mesh upper but no canvas cover to this; 5cm mat; large head end mesh door to access head vestibule;
    • single side door, single head door, peggable skirted blockout fly cover weatherproof shelter with vents at each end and an externally accessible 50cm foot vestibule;
    • single DS-1: 210L x 90W x 80H cm packs to 91L x 34W x 32H cm; 9.75kg; $AU329
    • double DS-2: 210L x 140W x 120H cm packs to 122L x 38W x 37H cm 11.5kg $AU349

Examples of 4-6P tents with two doors

Examples of 4-6P tents with only one door

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