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gazebos for camping


  • gazebos can create a lot of amenity whilst camping by providing shade and rain protection for spending time outside your tent
  • MANY gazebos are destroyed by strong winds or rains - don't add to waste by buying an inferior product!
    • strong wind gusts can destroy plastic hubs holding the frame together
    • rain destroys many gazebos when it pools on the roof and the weight causes it to break and collapse

Relatively storm proof gazebos

  • these are all very heavy and can be problematic for one adult to lift onto a roof rack, especially those over 25kg
    • 3.5m x 3.3m x 2.2m centre height.
    • 6 leg 22mm galvanised steel frame design with A-frame design to ensure water does not pool on roof
    • total weight 19kg. Carry bag size 123cm x 30cm x 26cm.
    • “sets up in 4 minutes”
    • optional side walls, end walls, and mesh end walls available. Add 2 x canvas side walls and 2 x mesh end walls to create an insect screen room
    • Made in South Africa.
    • $AU699 on special incl. bonus mesh wall (3.3×1.8m)
    • 4.5m x 3.3m x 2.2m centre height. 8 leg frame design. Can park a CombiVan or a car underneath!
    • Total weight 26kg. Carry bag size 123cm x 30cm x 26cm.
    • “sets up in 6 minutes”
    • $AU799 on special incl. bonus mesh wall (3.3×1.8m)
  • Oztrail 4.2 Shade Dome Shelter Deluxe with Sunwall
  • Oztrail Deluxe 4.5 V4 Hydro Flow Anti-Ponding gazebo
  • Oztrail Deluxe 4.5 V4 Hydro Flow Anti-Ponding gazebo
    • reinforced cross gables for increased strength in windy conditions
    • 4.5x3m triple layer 300D polyester canopy with silver inner layer to block the sun;
    • 4 legs, 32mm powder-coated steel with 3 height adjustment settings
    • easy to set up with 4 people but one adult and two older children can do it
    • 29kg; packs to 160 x 32 x 26cm;
    • optional rain gutter if joining two gazebos
  • Oztrail Deluxe 6 V4 Hydro Flow Anti-Ponding gazebo
  • Oztrail also make Blockout versions and Commercial versions

Mobi Garden Guan Tu V 15㎡ French Window hot tent/gazebo

  • white 3000mmWH; able to be fully enclosed on all sides plus 3 large side mesh French windows on one side with stove jack; dual doors with awning and mesh;
  • 4 pole aluminium design plus 2 awning poles supplied (you need to add two more to open both awnings up)
  • 4×3.8×2.15m high; 13kg; packs to 62x30cm; ~$AU760
  • large enough to drive a car into and can double as a mosquito-proof well ventilated shelter or as a hot tent with a wood stove and chimney.
  • large end doors open to awnings to give added shelter if needed.
  • extremely versatile and can be set up with one person, although easier with two
  • lighter (each of the two storage bags weighs under 7kg) and more compact than most gazebos which have far less functionality

Mobi Garden Royal Castle 7m tent NX22661023

  • 7x7x3.1m high 34.65㎡; packs to 84x48x44cm; 5 doors, 7 windows; centre ceiling hub for poles; 6 ceiling vents; snow skirt; requires 3 people to erect;
  • 300D silver coated PU Polyester (Waterproof 3000mm) + clear PVC windows
  • 39.9kg opt. detachable floor
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