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hammocks for camping and sleeping


  • hammocks are great and can give better sleep with less back pain IF you know how to set them up properly and you have something to suspend them from
  • they are probably best in warm humid weather or hiking in rainy conditions
  • however, most people will prefer to use hiking mesh tents which can be a similar weight or not that much heavier and easier to set up


  • generally lighter than tents or swags even with the tarp as there are no poles to worry about
    • HOWEVER a hammock + mesh + tarp + trunk protectors may well be the same weight as a 2P hiking tent
  • better ventilation in hot humid tropics
  • you can get off the ground in wet weather or if there are ground dwelling animals you don't like - less creepy crawlies
  • better in the mud stays cleaner, just get an armful of leaves to place over the mud under the hammock to help keep you cleaner
  • they can double as a chair / recliner
  • don't need to have a clear or flat camp site - can camp over boulders, vegetation or even a stream!
  • don't have to crawl around on your knees
  • easier to get in and out at night
  • better for leave no trace camping (if you protect the tree trunks)
  • no pressure points as with sleeping on a sleeping mat
  • may be better for those with bad backs IF you can set it up properly
  • can set tarp up first in the rain so hammock doesn't get wet when setting up or taking it down - most tents get wet when you set it up or when you take it down in the rain
  • can stand up and get changed under the tarp
  • when raining, can cook under the tarp instead of trying to cook in the vestibule of a tent or in the rain
  • you have better visibility of surroundings compared to a tent with a closed off fly in the rain when you can't see anything


  • you need solid trees an appropriate distance apart
    • can't use it suspended in a desert without trees or above the tree-line (but can use it as a bivy on the ground)
    • many camp grounds ban you from tying anything to a tree
    • you need to make sure a branch will not drop on you - a major risk with some Australian eucalypts!
  • may not be great in strong winds especially if it is cold and raining
  • you need to ensure it is not too small for you
  • you need to have it set up properly to get a flat lay and it is a lot of work preparing it:
    • ropes at 30deg angles
    • lowest part so you can sit on it with feet touching ground
    • you need to sleep lying on your back asymmetrically so you get as flat as possible and not be in an uncomfortable banana shape
  • not as conducive to side sleeping or sleeping on your stomach
  • you will probably want insect protection such as:
    • mesh tent upper, or,
    • full height mesh tent with waterproof floor to stand inside (see below in options)
  • you will need to set up a tarp rain cover at least 3m long (consider 4m long to provide more protection for gear, etc) if rain is forecast which adds to the time and complexity of setting up as well as an extra 1kg weight
  • you will need to use a method to insulate your bottom if temperatures fall below 20degC such as:
    • lie of a foam mat or an insulated self-inflating mat
    • better still, use an “under-quilt” to attach UNDER the hammock +/- a hot water bottle
    • some will have a breathable double-layer base for inserting insulation or a camping mat
  • most are for ONE PERSON ONLY
    • double ones are NOT comfortable for two people
  • you need tree trunk protectors so you don't damage the trees
  • you may need to learn some knots
  • it is still not high enough to protect against ground dwelling predators such as crocodiles, bears, wild dogs, etc
  • privacy may be more difficult getting changed
    • can hide behind a backpack hanging up on a carabiner, or,
    • have the tarp low enough


  • Hennessy Hammocks Explorer Deluxe ZIP
    • a foot longer than the Expedition ZIP and was designed for anyone up to 300 lbs. (136 kg) and 7' (213 cm) tall
    • comes with 30D No-See-Um mesh and 70D PU ripstop rain fly; 140D nylon 330 cm x 150 cm hammock; 1.6kg; complimentary standard 42“ (107 g) long “Tree Hugger” webbing straps (not included in weight);
    • $AU299
    • strong no-see-um mesh; asymmetric design for flatter sleeping; 840g; $AU164
    • in cooler weather, these are reversible so you can use netting side UNDER the hammock as a sleeve to help hold your under-quilt
    • strong no-see-um mesh; 740g; $AU109
    • in cooler weather, these are reversible so you can use netting side UNDER the hammock as a sleeve to help hold your under-quilt

Optional accessories

  • ultralight overhang tarp for rain or sun protection
    • for speed and ease set up as a diagonal diamond using only the 4 corner cords
    • for maximum rain protection, set up as a rectangle
    • tarp needs to be at least 3m long to cover the hammock
  • extra large No-See-Um mesh tents that can fit almost any hammock and allow you to walk into with a waterproof floor:
    • probably best not to have a dog sleep there - they may rip it if an animal comes past, but if this is not an issue then can work well if they can get through the door
      • 3.66m x 1.83m; (144” x 72') Netting, 2.08×0.97m (82“ x 38”) bathtub floor, Works with most 3.3m (11') hammocks
      • spreader bars that provide ample elbow room; height is about chest high;
      • 907g; a little bulky and heavy for hiking but seems most people love it; $AU109
      • need to be careful not to step on the mesh at night as it may tear it from the tabs that hold the locking ring
      • a little difficult to set up with trekking poles for stand alone due to the height, but possible
  • hammock sleeve to keep it dry, protect from sun and easier to set up
    • these work with most hammocks that do not use a spreader bar
    • DD Hammock Sleeve 60g; 2.8m; $AU25
    • Hammock Bliss Sun Shield Cover 3.3m; 96g; $AU26
  • tree straps
    • Hammock Bliss Standard Tree Straps 85g; $AU22
  • under-quilt for when temperatures drop below 20degC
    • DD Underblanket OD
      • “suitable for use in temperatures down to -5°C ”; Ripstop nylon blanket with water-resistant coating, filled with 200gsm synthetic silk;
      • oval 2m x 1.24m; 950g; $AU95;

example pics


Grand Trunk Mozzy 360 Hammock Bug Net Shelter

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