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USB-C rechargeable lanterns / camp lights

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  • I don't sell any of these nor do I receive any remuneration if you buy them, and I have not personally reviewed all of them, they are listed here to give you perspective


  • a dimmable, warm glow USB-C rechargeable lantern with outputs to at least 100 lumens with replaceable lithium batteries which can also act as a power bank for your smartphones is a nice addition to your camping gear
  • NB. insects do not see red / orange lights as well as they can see white / blue lights

Retro style compact lanterns

  • OLight Classic Mini Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern
    • 360deg 5000K 300lumen warm white or 2000K 100 lumen orange light; 5-300lumen stepless dimming; if power falls below 30% (indicator becomes red), max lumen is reduced to 26% for warm white and 57% for orange;
    • only 4.9“ high x 4.3” wide;
    • A long vibration alert will activate when locking or unlocking the product. A short vibration alert will activate when switching between orange and warm white light;
    • 5hr USB-C recharge at 10W;
    • USB-C power to external devices;
    • 16.65Wh (4500mAh / 3.7V) 21700 Li-ion Battery (?not replaceable) can glow at 5 lumens all night for 5 nights on one charge; lockable dimmer knob to avoid accidentally leaving on;
    • 1/4“ bottom screw thread for tripods; IPX5 waterproofing; power indicator when turning knob or will flash red when power drops below 5%;
    • 415g;
    • rugged carabiner style metal top handle for easy hanging in a tent or carrying on outside of backpack


Retro style larger lanterns

Modern style compact hiking lanterns

no red light mode only orange and white

those with red light mode

telescopic lanterns

  • compact short tripod options
    • tripod selfie stick type with lantern which has a tripod 1/4“ screw base
      • OLight Classic 2 OLantern has a tripod screw base and could be used with these small tripods
    • Fenrsoft Outdoor Camping Adventure Telescopic Lantern
      • 1st product for this R&D start up
      • very versatile 1.1m extendable light source, built in tripod with magnets to attach to cars etc nd have holes to allow pegs;
      • works upside down as head is 360deg rotatable and 180deg vertical tilt;
      • USB-C and USB-A; 660g and 10” long folded; IPX6, head can be submerged;
      • 1-5W 100-550lumen 6500K, 3500K and SOS modes; 6h recharge 12000mAh battery
  • photographic tripod style light stand LED lights
    • often are lower powered USB lights as height is only to 2-2.5m but generally only have cold white light
    • see Anko brand in KMart
  • fishing rod style high output lanterns
    • many generic Chinese models on Ebay and Amazon
    • 12V 500W (one light panel) or 800W (two light panels) light output 6500K cold white LED (uses ~47W power for the 500W equivalent light output of 4500lumen) with remote control on 4.5m long fishing rod with a fishing rod stand but no power source
    • ~1.4kg and generally cost ~$AU60
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