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Mont Dragonfly 2P 4 season tent

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  • I don't sell any of these nor do I receive any remuneration if you buy them, they are listed here to give you perspective


  • the Mont Dragonfly 2P 4 season tent is a fantastic high end technical tent designed for alpine hiking use
  • many hiking tents for winter are NOT suitable for warmer conditions, but the Mont Dragonfly has two very large doors each able to be either full mesh only or full fabric allowing it to be used in all weather conditions - although may be not the tent of choice in very warm nights when a full mesh tent would allow better ventilation
  • the downsides are that it is a bit heavier at 2.65kg than many 3 season hike tents and it is very expensive at $AU999


  • 2P 4 season freestanding hike tent
  • green with yellow inner
  • can be set up without the fly
  • inner tent:
    • 20D all nylon (15D on 2020 model)
    • 220 x 140cm x 110cm height giving internal area of 3.08sq.m
    • 70D bathtub floor has incredible “5,000mm” waterhead rating due to WaterBloc™ PU lamination
    • two zippable ceiling vents - all dual nylon/mesh which align with fly vents
    • gear loft;
    • 3 ceiling carabiners;
    • asymmetric door zipping and vestibule pegging options so left side of head gives max. vision while right side gives maximum windchill protection to upper body when fabric on each of the doors is half unzipped irrespective of which end you have your head so if wind direction changes 180deg during the night you can just swap head position without need to rotate the tent;
    • the two central triangular base at bottom doors have dual fabric / mesh layers and are a very generous 130cm base x 83cm high and the doors fully roll up to upper/rear of tent
  • fly:
    • 30D sil PU 2000mm with above door vents which align with inner vents which can allow nice bird hide capability
    • provides two vestibules - each 70cm deep and these can be fully rolled back but then you lose some rain protection for the doors
      • has part way pegging options - half way at foot end on left and half way at head end on right, while 1/3rd the way on left head end and 1/3rd the way on right foot end; this allows for best vision out on left side with best wind chill protection to upper body on right side irrespective of which end is head end;
  • excellent 9.6mm DAC poles which are uniquely designed to cross each other and insert through a plastic hub on the other pole - this can be a bit confusing for novices
  • stronger guy-line anchors thanks to extra hook-and-loop fly-to-pole attachments
  • 12 lightweight T-Bone Stake tent pegs
  • 2.65kg and packs to 44x18cm + 45cm poles
  • $AU999
  • optional footprint $AU109

Compared to full nylon Mont Moondance 2FN tent

  • the Dragonfly:
    • is 10cm wider giving almost 10% more internal area
    • has stronger pole layout with shorter poles (but perhaps more complicated set up for novices)
    • has larger vestibules with additional peg out options
    • 30D fly instead of 20D
    • 70D floor instead of 40D
    • more storm-proof,
    • door are full dual mesh/nylon not just the upper half for greater ventilation options
    • 560g heavier and pack size is a bit thicker
    • much the same price
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