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Northern Territory - Kings Canyon


Watarraka National Park (Kings Canyon)

  • best in Winter and after rains when it is more lush and the waterfalls may be flowing
  • 474km sealed road from Alice Springs via Lasseter Hway, or,
  • 357km from Alice Springs via more scenic 200km unsealed Mereenie Loop Road
  • accommodation: Kings Canyon Resort also has camel hire
  • explore the boulder-strewn canyon floor on the easy 2.6km Kings Creek Walk
  • 3-4hr 6km rim walk - the main reason to come to Kings Canyon!
    • leave the resort by car 45min before sunrise and start ascent before sunrise
    • take 2 water bottles per person plus sunbathing, runners, suntan lotion and don't be stupid, the last half is very exposed with no shade
    • the one-way loop walk CLOCKWISE (for safety reasons) the 6km, 3hr strenuous and exposed Rim Walk (500 step climb) and watch sunrise and nice views before descending into the green oasis of the ‘Garden of Eden’ which has a permanent waterhole and also Kestrel Falls (waterfalls only after winter rains) - see this guide:,-nt
    • 400 yr old cycads
    • a mini-Purnululu of striped stone domes,
    • peer over the edge to a 150m drop but keep at least 2m from edge
    • plenty of secluded picnic spots
    • although 3-4hr walk it can easily take the whole day as you explore the area IF the weather is not too hot!
    • initial 10 minute steep climb to level with the rim then some walking on uneven terrain
  • Giles 2 day walk to Kathleen Springs:
  • Kathleen Springs is 25km south of Kings Canyon and offers the Kathleen Springs Walk which leads to a spring-fed waterhole at the head of Kathleen Gorge and is an easy 2.6km (1.5h) return walk
  • 306km (3.5hr drive) bitumen road from Ayer's Rock Resort and en route:
    • Mt Conner, the third of the giant monoliths in Central Australia (1.2hrs from Uluru)
    • the expansive Salt Lakes lookout
    • Kings Creek Station (small shop 35km from Kings Canyon)
  • helicopter flights

Garden of Eden pool:

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