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Northern Territory - Uluru (Ayer's Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)


Uluru (Ayer's Rock)

  • 4.5-9 hrs drive from Alice Springs depending on whether you take the boring bitumen or the interesting unsealed dusty corrugated scenic route
  • 1hr flight from Alice Springs
  • National Park entry fee - currently $25 per adult for 3 days
  • there is NO camping or accommodation at Uluru itself and the park CLOSES at night (7.30pm in winter and opens at 6.30am) - all accommodation is at the resort village of Yulara
  • commercial activity of any type including photography or filming requires a permit
  • accommodation at Ayer's Rock Resort in Yulara - no accommodation at Uluru itself but is 14km (16min) from the sunset viewing area carpark
    • Mala walk easy 2km 1.5hrs
    • Kuniya walk easy 1km 30-45min
    • Dune walk easy 500m 45min but only sunset buses
    • Talinguru Nyakunytjaku viewing area easy
    • Uluru base walk - mod. 10.6km loop 3.5hrs - risk of heat exhaustion, dehydration
    • DO NOT CLIMB Uluru as this contravenes Tjukurpa (traditional law), and tourists have had a habit of leaving rubbish or toileting at the top which then washes down into the waterholes, but some disrespect this and climb this very arduous walk which has killed 35 people to date as it is physically demanding

sunrise helicopter 30min flights will cost around $290pp

Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

  • a group of 36 large domed rock formations or bornhardts covering cover an area of 21.68 km^2
  • Mount Olga, is 1,066m (3,497 ft) above sea level, or 546m (1,791 ft) above the surrounding plain and is 198m higher than Uluru
  • 365 km SW of Alice Springs (4.5hr drive) or 55km SW of Uluru
  • located at the eastern end of the unsealed Docker River Road which will take you into WA which is only 200km to the west
  • Walpa Gorge
  • Valley of the Winds
  • walk tracks:
    • Karu lookout 2.2km 1hr
    • Karingana lookout 5.4km difficult 2.5hrs and is closed after 11am if temp likely to exceed 36degC
    • Walpa Gorge 2.6km 1hr
  • sunset and dune sunset/sunrise viewing areas
  • as with Uluru:
    • there is NO camping at Uluru itself and the park CLOSES at night and you are advised to leave Kata Tjuta 45min prior to closing (7.30pm in winter and opens at 6.30am)
    • commercial activity of any type including photography or filming requires a permit
    • National Park entry fee


Satellite view of Kata Tjuta

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