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cooking pizzas and camping


  • pizzas generally are cooked at 350-450degC
    • a consistently hot pizza oven cooks the pizza thoroughly, enhancing the pie’s quality and taste
    • the oven should generally be pre-heated for 20minutes (extra 10 minutes if using a pizza stone or set it to higher temp for pre-heat such as 350-380degC, and perhaps 1-2hrs may be needed for a home oven)
    • once preheated to the required temperature, leave the door open for a minute before placing the first pizza to allow oxygen in which is important for the browning process
    • if you place the pizza too early, and it doesn’t brown nicely
    • you may place the pizza when its too hot, it burns the crust
    • a thick crust requires lower temperatures, while a thin crust requires higher
    • 350degC is enough to produce a crisp base and perfectly melted cheese in just 90 seconds
  • many household ovens may only get to around 250degC
    • with thick crusts, setting it to 220degC with fan on may be optimum
    • with thin crusts, setting it to 260degC with fan on may be optimum
    • the cheese may not melt completely at temperatures below 210degC
    • consider pre-baking the base for 3 minutes before adding toppings then cooking for further 3 minutes t get a more crispy base at these temperatures
  • a pizza stone generally gives a better taste and both the base and crust become crispier
    • pizza stone holds heat, allowing your pizza to cook slowly.
  • home-cooked pizzas at these lower temperatures generally take 6-10 minutes to cook
  • Wood fired pizza ovens add a unique smoke “enhanced” flavour and most would aim for 450degC - if the oven can tolerate this temperature!
  • Cordierite pizza stones are:
    • fragile and can break if dropped, or if exposed to sudden temperatures or excessive temperatures
      • do not place frozen foods on a hot pizza stone
      • do not cool the pizza stone down with water
      • do not use directly over an open flame
      • do not place in dishwashers
    • porous
      • do not clean with soap it will seap in
      • do not leave soaking in water for long periods, the water will get absorbed and take a long time to dry out
      • do not leave in an oven with a self-cleaning program running
      • clean when cool with water and nylon brush, and if necessary, use baking soda solution to remove stains
    • rinse with water before using for the first time
  • stainless steel needs to be kept clean and not exposed to excessive heat (usually max 370degC)
    • brushed finish stainless steel is more susceptible to corrosion than is mirror finish
      • brushed finish is attained by running Stainless Steel sheets through an abrasive process that removes the mirror finish and leaves the brushed finish. Brushed-finish Stainless Steel requires frequent cleaning and care, to maintain its quality of appearance.
    • it performs best when clean - cleanliness is essential for maximum resistance to corrosion
    • carbon steel brushes or steel wool should be avoided as they may leave particles embedded on the surface which can lead to RUSTING.
    • avoid using abrasive cleaners unless absolutely necessary
    • a soft cloth and clean warm water should always be the first choice for mild stains and loose dirt and soils
    • a neutral cleaner low in chloride is essential.
    • a final rinse with clean water and a dry wipe will complete the process and eliminate the possibility of water stains.
    • the cleaning method generally employed with these cleaners is to apply them to the stainless surface and follow by cloth wiping in the direction of the grain or polish lines (not across them).
    • grease specks can gather and bake onto the surface of the stainless steel, giving the appearance of rust. For removal, use an abrasive pad with a stainless steel cleaner.

Portable gas stoves designed for pizzas

  • these are designed to heat to 500°C (932°F) and cook pizzas within 1-4 minutes
  • in general, they can also bake flat breads and pastries; can char steaks; create crackling; roast or grill meats/veges;
  • examples:
      • $AU799; 20kg (29kg with burners and accessories); 413mm W x 531mm L x 473mm ; thermometer;
      • burners (gas or wood) twist off for transport; retractable short legs;
      • flames flow across ceiling towards opening giving more even cooking;
      • reaches pizza cook temperature in around 20-30 minutes on gas and about 40 mins on wood
      • $AU589; 9.25kg; 400 x 295 x 630mm; powder coated carbon steel shell;
      • reaches pizza cook temperature in 15 minutes; max. output 4kWh; rear burners - need to rotate pizza!
    • Ooni Koda 16
      • $AU949;
      • L shaped burners; need to rotate pizza!

Portable gas stoves that have pizza cooking options

  • BBQ gas stoves with hooded cooking lids
    • examples:
        • $AU369; 1 stainless steel loop 9MJ burner; 39cm H x 69cm W x 42cm D with lid closed; 11.25kg;
        • cooking area: 43cm X 32cm x 15cm high
        • need to buy opt. accessories Roasting Pack, 26cm Pizza stone, frypan, hlf, hotplate, tool set, cover
      • Gasmate Odyssey 1 Burner Portable BBQ $AU320 11kg
      • Jumbuck Single Burner Portable BBQ $AU149 12.5kg

Pizza ovens designed to sit on gas BBQs

Pizza ovens designed for Weber style heat bead stoves

    • 19cm diam pizza stone; cast iron, 1.25kg; 21.5cm diameter; 8.5cm high;
    • designed for Weber-style BBQs with BBQ beads, NOT for gas BBQs

Portable wood stoves designed for pizzas

  • Ooni Karu 12 Portable Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven
    • $AU589; 12kg; 77cm x 40cm x 80cm; 12“ pizzas; can be converted to gas via Ooni Gas Burner
  • Ooni Pro Wood Fire Pizza Oven
    • $AU1049; 26kg; 29.13”/740mm (L), 19.29“/490mm (W), 31.1”/790mm; 16“ pizzas; can also use gas or wood pellets;
  • Winnerwell Woodlander L-sized Wood Burning Pizza Oven Camping Stove
    • stainless steel
    • Pizza Chamber Dimension: 245(L)mm×353(W)mm×150(H)mm / 9.6(L)in×13.9(W)in×5.9(H)in
    • Stowed Dimension: 560(L)mm×420(W)mm×320(H)mm / 22(L)in×16.5(W)in×12.6(H)in
    • 3.5” diam chimney
    • 21.5kg;

Portable wood stoves with oven options

  • Winnerwell FastFold Oven 10“ x 13”
  • Winnerwell Pipe Oven Medium 3.9kg is only 6“x6” internal 6kg Large version is about 2“ bigger in each dimension
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